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Top 34 Charmsukh Hot Web Series You Should Not Miss from 2021

When we talk about Bold Web Series, Charamsukh ullu has gained a lot of popularity in 2021. This platform is providing erotic content for the youth audience of India. It has among hottest uncut webs shows in genre of Romance, Fantasy, Crime, Drama, comedy and parody of best show and movies originals download list .

Here we are mentioning all the Top Charmsukh ullu download uncut version free Hot Web Series list which you should not miss from 2021.

    34) Tution teacher (Actress: Gitashree Shil)

    Concerned about his son Shreyas’s studies, Atharva hires a tuition teacher. Slowly Shreyas and the teacher build up a bond and he falls for her. On the other hand, Atharva is also seeing her secretly and Shreyas is left heartbroken when he sees her making out with his father.

      33) Train (Actress: Pooja Ashok Kumar Devaliya, Zeliya Christopher)

      Juhi was on a train journey with her mother when she met Nilesh, a stranger who ignited an unknown, desperate urge in her. Nilesh feels the same and they decide to make out but, fail to do so which leaves their desires incomplete. Looking for another chance with Nilesh, Juhi goes to his seat at night, where a dangerous twist awaits her.

      32) Live Streaming  (Actress: Muskaan Agarwal)

      A husband is not just satisfied by his performance in bed but records it to play it later. His fantasy to watch the intimate moments with his wife takes a dangerous turn when he sees strangers sharing a bed with his wife. How will the husband react when he live streams their sessions?

      31) Jane Anjane Mein 4 (Actress: Jinnie Jaaz)

      Sasurji’s sprint for the medal named Chandni hits a hurdle yet again when young guest makes a few days stop. The young boy records a video of Chandni’s fling with sasurji and blackmails her to sleep with him. Witness the satisfaction of Chandni in his youthful arms that makes the Sasurji fume with jealousy in ‘Jane Anjane Mein 4'!

      30) Kamar Ki Naap (Actress: Aayushi Jaiswal, Anita Maurya, Sharanya Jeet Kaur)
      After multiple failed attempts of a newlywed bride to learn tailoring, her husband seeks help from a seasoned tailor Chinki. Chinki’s fascination for female touch, thrills the bride and she gets carried away by this new sensation. How will the husband react on discovering the relationship of her wife with another woman?

      29) Yeh Kaisa Rishta (Actress: Chhaya Thakur, Mahi Kaur, Rachel)

      Rachel decides to teach workout to her overweight uncle. As her uncle finds himself coming closer to his desires, his fire diminishes for the aunt. What will happen when the aunt has to leave for a family emergency leaving the two desperate souls alone in the house?

      28) Toilet Love (Actress: Sonal Waghmare)

      Roli has secret rendezvous with her lover in their old toilet, against the knowledge of her mother. Being eve-teased on her way to college, she finds solace in her lover’s arms but a danger is approaching soon. A dark shadow at the window has its eye on her and will soon uncover its feigned intentions!

      27) Salahkaar (Actress: Mishti Basu)

      Rarely does a wife complain if her husband is unable to please her in bed, but on husband’s insistance she reveals her dissatisfaction. On a friend’s advice the husband invites the man of wife’s choice to share a bed with them. Will the two men be able to please the woman of the house or discover lust for each other?

      26) Meri Padosan (Actress: Unika ray, Neha mondal)

      Some fantasies are dreams but for one guy his dreams became his fantasies. He was able to explore all his dark desires with any woman he wished to but only in his dreams, untill the new hot neighbour left him spellbound.

      25) Jane Anjane Mein 3 (Actress: Jinnie jaaz, Shreya tyagi)

      Chandani’s sudden pregnancy might have pulled the breaks on Sasurji’s joyride, but her young sister has already accelerated her Jijaji’s sultry desires. Sasurji’s thirst for romance eventually finds a way when he spots the Jija-Saali quenching their youthful energies. Which new color of romance will our beloved grey-haired man paint in, Charmsukh – “JANE ANJANE MEIN – 3"

      24) Chawl House   (Actress: Jyostna Trivedi, Meenu Sharma, Sneha Paul)
       An ordinary Chawl house in the bustling town of Mumbai had an enthralling spectacle. As the family slept in a make-shift partition the young guest’s ears were filled with the moans of the young married woman. Will his infatuation of being with her ever come true.

      23) Aate Ki Chakki (Actress: Jinnie Jaaz, Muskan Agrawal)

       When the love-starved daughter-in-laws of the house face tribulations using the manually operated atte ki chakki, their father-in-law gifts them an electric flour-mill. Soon the women are drawn to the alternate usage of the vibrating machine to quench their thirst for love. Watch their grinding fantasies taking shape in “Charmsukh – Aate Ki Chakki’!

      22) Promotion  (Actress: Ashwani hiral radadiya, Mahi Kamla)

      The excitement about his new job at a call center takes a different turn. Where his team leader demands work but also to satisfy her sexual desires. Failing to meet her expectation, she gives him 2 weeks' notice. Eventually to save his job he starts luring his colleague to improve his sexual performance. Will he succeed in saving his job?

      21) Role Play  (Actress: Divya burman)

      On doctor’s advice, newlyweds try to experiment with unique ways to spice up their sexual fantasies and encounters. Soon the guy goes berserk and the girl balks this quirky adventure. Will they reconcile? Watch Charmsukh: “Role Play”

      20) Sex Education (Actress: Manvi chaug, Rajsi verma )

      A bizzare story on unconventional teaching by a mother, trying to upskill and educate her daughter on satisfying her husband on the first night. The only catch is that If the daughter is unable to perform, her mother will have to face the consequences. An action packed story “Sex Education” only on #Charmsukh.

      19) Toilet Love (Actress: Sonal Waghmare)

       Roli has secret rendezvous with her lover in their old toilet, against the knowledge of her mother. Being eve-teased on her way to college, she finds solace in her lover’s arms but a danger is approaching soon. A dark shadow at the window has its eye on her and will soon uncover its feigned intentions!

      18) Jane Anjane Mein (Actress: Jinnie jaaz)


      Sudden demise of his wife, led to permanent shift for chandini’s father-in-law to their residence. Chandini’s husband Ravi managed to keep his wife romantically charged but she soon realised that she craves for husband’s father more. Who will she choose out of two?

      17) Flat 69 (Actress: Thea D'Souza, Shalini sahay)

       Garima shifts to her sister's flat where she is living in with her boyfriend and friends. With unvarying parties happening almost every day, intoxication and drunkenness now becomes a routine for all; specially Garima who freaks out completely. Will she be able to get out of this pretentious trap of delusions and get-togethers?

      16)  Aate Ki Chakki 2 (Actress: Jinnie Jaaz, Muskan Agrawal)

       Jethani’s idea of making money out of the aate ki chakki works wonders and she gets ample time in self satisfaction. But Devrani won’t accept her lone joyride. Witness how the two women indulge in a cold war to gain control in “Charmsukh – Aate Ki Chakki 2”!

      15) Jane Anjane Mein (Actress: Jinnie jaaz)

      Story of a married couple in a long distance relationship, where a wife wants to fulfill all her desires but fright of her in laws restricts her to do so. Her phone becomes her rescue and she does it all the way she craved, with her unanticipated partner. Watch Charmsukh “ Jane Anjane Mein"

      14) Pyaas (Actress: Khwahish Matthew)

      The struggle of a wife looking for some pleasure, exploring new ways to fulfill her desires, soon this habit becomes unlucky for her sister in law. What is the reason of this greed? Watch Charmsukh “Pyaas"

      13) Trapped  (Actress: Nidhi madhavan)

      A romantic couple, got trapped and became a victim of blackmail due to their careless behaviour. An evil-minded blackmailer took advantage of their carelessness and created havoc in their life. How will they escape from this situation? Watch “Trapped” and find out.

        12) Humse Na Ho Payega (Actress: Luviena Lodh  )

        An unwanted turnout in the pleasant moments of a newly-wed. The more they create an opportunity for romance, the more they get affected by the surroundings. And the struggle to complete their desire continues. Will they ever have it? Watch Charmsukh, “Humse Na ho Payega”.

        11) Telephone Booth  (Actress: Rimjhim Das)

        Couple in a long-distance relationship connected by a telephone booth, spending time on calls. Some of their information leaks and the couple lands into the trouble. Moreover, girl becomes victim of fraud. How will they emerge from the trap of a telephone booth

        10) Sautela (Actress: Rajsi verma)

        She meets a man full of life and decides to give love one more chance. Her daughter accepts it and all start to live happily together. Soon, the stepson arrives and create problems in the family for his greedy needs. Will the couple survive? How the daughter will handle the situation

        9) Sauda (Actress: Ira soni, Trisha Choudhary )

        A helpless father is forced to surrender his daughters to a man in return of a hefty loan. Life was all happy in the beginning until one day the man began to show his true colours and soon everything went out of control for both the sisters. Will they ever overcome the trap of sorrow and humiliation

        8) Degree Wala Teacher  (Actress: Priya sachan, Mahima gupta)

        A young girl struggling to pass in her degree exams will be married off by her father if she fails. To escape from that situation, she decides to take private tuitions from a professor suggested by her friend. Little did she know that the choice she made will land her into a situation wherein she will be forced to choose between degree certificate and her dignity

        7) Kaamwali Bai (Actress:  Stars : Aarohi Dike, Garima Maurya)

         A "Kaamwali bai" is trapped between needs and demands. The weightage of the demands from her lover's mom has made her helpless. And then she gets an offer to make her life the way she wants, but for that, she will have to compromise her most beloved thing. Will the Kamwali bai choose the path of compromise

        6) Pajama party (Actress: Jayati Thakar, Kajal)
         A never to break promise with a beloved one brings trouble in Rahul's new journey of dreams. He has been used as a bait for the greed of his friends landing him in a difficult situation to choose between keeping the promise or break it. Will Rahul be able to keep his promise alive and protect his relation?

          5) Highway (Actress: Supriya shukla)

          A journey to her dreams, Tanya decides to led her fortune on her decisions, but a long night on highway and a small fight with her parents brought tough time of decisions, leaving her in confusion what to choose and what not. A story of a girl hanging in the trouble of love and relations.

          4) Karna Zaruri Hai (Actress: Kasturi chhetri )

          Infatuation is something we all have experienced in our lives. It can happen anywhere anytime for that one special person. Watch how a passionate couple struggles for a place to make out and how they end up doing unexpected?, Charm Sukh story of a passionate couple "Karna Zaruri Hai".

          3) Behrupiya (Actress: Nidhi madhavan, Saumya tiwari)

           Preeti unwillingly gets convinced by her family to marry Shekhar a millionaire. Preeti goes mad for his dashing personality and agrees for a romantic night before their marriage. Preeti's dream night was set on fire with the hotness of their bodies, but a surprise shaken and shocken her for the whole life. Watch a surprising tale of a night full of dream and scream.

          2) Ek Khwaab Suhaagrat (Actress: Pallavi Mukherjee )
          Young Archana has a dream to marry a prince charming and have a very exciting first night. She got lucky and marries with the one, but the first night turns in to the worst dream of her life leaving her in chaos. Find out the journey of a girl to the survival of her life.

          1) Mom and Daughter  (Actress: Rajsi verma, Ruby bharaj)

          Anya, well cultured and soul to her single mother, intimates with boyfriend for the first time, will she get her Charmsukh or just a simple hook. Watch Anya's Charamsukh story.

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