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Jinnie jazz Complete bold webseries list

Jinnie jazz is an Indian adult webseries actress. She appears mainly in hot hindi Web series. Jinnie continues to be the subject of discussion due to her bold avatar in her all short video scenes. She is also known for her naughty and Beautiful cute looks, her pictures and videos continue to be viral on social media.

Here we are mentioning all the 18+ full webseries originals name list Jinnie jazz from various live video app platforms with every parts episode version list for watching it online for free without premium subscription account.

Table of Content (toc)

Jaan Bujh Kar season 2 (Voovi App)

Mom's Boyfriend (Wowentertainment App)

Akeli (Primeshots App)

Rikshawala (Ullu App)

Storyline : Kundan is a young, well educated rickshawala, who has a chance encounter with Nisha, as he stops her from committing suicide, and thus befriends her. This friendship snowballs into Kundan getting closer to Nisha, by offering to educate her niece.

Charmsukh Jane Anjane Mein season 7 (Ullu App)

Storyline : Chandni's brother in law pretends to sleepwalk and intervenes in her personal space every night. Chandini secretly likes this and thus she plans to take advantage of this situation.

Charmsukh Jane Anjane Mein 6 (Ullu App)

Description : Chandni’s mundane and routine married life spices up, when her older brother in law arrives at their place to stay. Chandni’s loins start firing up, and thus starts a tug of war between her integral family values and her personal lustful adventure.

Love Guru (Ullu App)

Storyline : Mohan’s long lost youth is re-ignited when the beautiful Sonali moves into the house opposite to his. Despite multiple attempts Mohan fails miserably at getting Sonali’s attention. With a stroke of luck, he stumbles upon Love Guru who helps Mohan with tips and tricks to get the girl of his dreams.

Gup Chup NRI Client (PrimePlay App)

Story : Why does 24-year-old Shweta fall into the passion of youth at 12 o’clock in the night? When all the three prongs of the needle point at twelve, then why does Shweta, who is crazy about beauty, become psycho? Every night she hunts young men, but why? Are you hungry for sex or is it something else? View… NRI Client

Jhol Jhal (PrimePlay App)

Pyar Ki Tadap (DigiMovieplex App)

Story : The cruelty of destiny being undone by the ingenuity of the common housewives. Meet two women joined by fate and a common desire, to fulfill every thirst, whatever it takes.

Jaan Bujh Kar (Voovi App)

Story : Couples who is looking for more satisfaction and for that they planing on plan to trap one guy for more pleasure Very well planed for more pleasure it’s look like a accident but it’s all happened JAAN BUJH KAR

Jane Anjane Mein 5 (Ullu App)

Story : When libido overpowers morality, it leaves a lusty tale. Raj battles such feelings for his aunt, Urmila. When she's asleep, he takes advantage of her, but little did he know that Urmila is already devicing a plan for him!

Love Unconditional (Silky shots App)

    Jane Anjane Mein 4 (Ullu App)

    Story : Sasurji’s sprint for the medal named Chandni hits a hurdle yet again when young guest makes a few days stop. The young boy records a video of Chandni’s fling with sasurji and blackmails her to sleep with him. Witness the satisfaction of Chandni in his youthful arms that makes the Sasurji fume with jealousy in ‘Jane Anjane Mein 4 ’!

      Jane Anjane Mein 3 (Ullu app) 

      Story : Chandani’s sudden pregnancy might have pulled the breaks on Sasurji’s joyride, but her young sister has already accelerated her Jijaji’s sultry desires. Sasurji’s thirst for romance eventually finds a way when he spots the Jija-Saali quenching their youthful energies. Which new color of romance will our beloved grey-haired man paint in.

      Jane Anjane Mein 2 (Ullu App)                 

      Story : Chandani’s avid life ends as soon as she returns back to her husband.. When desperate cravings for having seductive pleasures triggers her awfully, she now decides to go and meet her father in law at any cost. Will Chandani manage to fulfill her desires? Watch Charmsukh “Jane Anjane Mein”

      Jane Anjane Mein (Ullu App)

      Story : Story of a married couple in a long distance relationship, where a wife wants to fulfill all her desires but fright of her in laws restricts her to do so. Her phone becomes her rescue and she does it all the way she craved, with her unanticipated partner. Watch Charmsukh “ Jane Anjane Mein ”

      Aate Ki Chakki (Ullu app)

      Story : When the love-starved daughter-in-laws of the house face tribulations using the manually operated atte ki chakki, their father-in-law gifts them an electric flour-mill. Soon the women are drawn to the alternate usage of the vibrating machine to quench their thirst for love. Watch their grinding fantasies taking shape in “Charmsukh – Atte Ki Chakki’!

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