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Ruks khandagale complete bold webseries list

Ruks khandagale is an Indian adult webseries actress. She appears in ullu app hot series of palang Tod. Here we are mentioning all the 18+ webseries originals name list of Ruks khandagale from various ott video live app platforms with every new episode for watching it online for free without premium subscription account.

Table of Content (toc)

Local Doctor (Digimovieplex App)

Crimes and Confessions Season 2  (Altbalaji App)

Episode - 8

Do Haseena season 2 (Wowentertainment App)

Bhabhi ka Bhaukal (Rabbitmovies App)

Tala (Bigmoviezoo App)

Akkad Bakkad Do Haseena (WOWEntertainment App)

Storyline : Do chor.. Ek haweli.. Aur ek barso purana raaz.. Lalach me duba ek chor jab husn ke sagar me dubta hai to rahasy ki aisi parat khulti hai kee sabke hosh ud jaate hain

Pyaar Idhar Udhar (Voovi App)

Ratri Kawach (Huntcinema App)

Rikshawala (Ullu App)

Storyline : Kundan is a young, well educated rickshawala, who has a chance encounter with Nisha, as he stops her from committing suicide, and thus befriends her. This friendship snowballs into Kundan getting closer to Nisha, by offering to educate her niece.

Aandar baahar Kalpana (Digimovieplex App)

Khidki (Ullu App)

Storyline : While going home from college, a young guy catches a glimpse of a couple getting intimate and it turns him on and inturn he gets physical with his maid, which starts a domino effect and the enraged sexual libido spreads like a contagious viral through various couples and like a wildfire, it smolders everyone in it's sexual desires!

Dhanno doodhwali (Cineprime app)

Storyline : Dhanno a Doodhwali who sells milk, manipulates and seduces men to get money. One day things got spiralled and Dhanno along with Ekta got involved in a brutal murder. Love sex and dokha is on the way.

Plan (Mangotv App)

Shadyantra Season 2 (DreamsFilms App)

Doraha (Ullu App)

Storyline : Ratna gets the shock of her life, when she finds out that her husband has abandoned her and has fled after their first night. Vivek, her brother in law comes as a comfort figure in her life and he and Ratna indulge in an illicit affair. Like all things must pass, Ratna’s life takes a drastic turn when Vivek gets married and Ratna’s husband

Dhoka (Mangotv App)

Storyline : A young and beautiful girl Ruks (a fashion designer) came from Jaipur with a big dream. Ruks has faced struggle in her career, she meets Praj and Ricky which leads to love, s€x and dhoka.

Ishqiyapa (Ullu App)

StorylineKaran, is a happy go lucky teenage student who falls truly, deeply, madly in love with her newly appointed teacher, Mohini. This new found love of Karan comes to a bump when he finds out that the love of his life is already engaged to his brother. Karan is left baffled when he has to live with this misery for the rest of his life.

Maal Paani Sexy Sauda (Bigmoviezoo App)

Takk (Ullu App)

Story : Shaily the flamboyant and charismatic is the star instructor of a gym, who more than in the gym, trains women in their bedrooms. Life takes a tragic turn when he meets with an accident and injures his genitals. The story unfolds further on his journey to get his sexual potency and his confidence back!

Maal Pani Andha Sasur (BigMovieZoo App)

Storyline : This story is about a father-in-law who becomes blind and does dirty work with his own daughter-in-law. One day the second daughter-in-law comes to know that Babu ji sees everything, to know what happens after this, watch the blind father-in-law…

Samne Wali Khidki (Ullu App)

Story : After being heart broken by Neha’s betrayal, Aashish finds solace in Anita’s embrace. But he still seems to be reluctant to indulge in a physical relationship with her. Now it is upto Aashish to decide if he explores the casual side of relationship or does this path takes him to another dungeon altogether.

61-62 Babu Ji Ghar Pe Hain (DigimoviePlex App)

Story :- Sex, Nudity, Language (web e) A father who can’t see much. A son who doesn’t want to see anything. A wife who has witnessed something mind-boggling. A maid who will get everything and more. A story of seeing and being unseen. 

61-62 Laila O Laila (DigimoviePlex App)

Story : ACP hires a call girl Kajal for a sting operation against Drug Mafia Gang lady “Laila”. But Laila gives her drug and wants to do sex with her because she is a Lesbian. When ACP comes to know about all these by hidden camera in room, he hires one more investigator Kartik for this Mission. When Laila meets Kartik she has a doubt on him, so she gives him drugs and ask for a threesome with her and Kajal.

Chhupi Nazar (Kooku App)

Story : Jab Business ki baat aae aur Competition me koi apna hi khada ho jaae toh Game kis Tarah se badalta he uuspe sabki Nazar rahegi.

Kaminey (DreamsFilms App)

Jaroorat (Goodflix App)

    Jaal (DreamsFilms App)

      Revenge (NetPrime  app)

      Game (Nuefliks App)

      Pyaasi (Uflix App)

      Call girl Season 2 (Hotmasti app)

      Devadasi (Balloons app)

       Ghaat Ghaat Kaa Pani (Nueflix app)

      Intercourse 3 (Hotshots App)                                    

      Story : This time it’s double the trouble. Rajat, a virgin boy who has a huge crush on Riya, his colleague. And there is a troublemaker, Happy, his best friend. They both invite their dates on the same night. The epic sex comedy comes alive when they find out that they have just one condom in the entire house. Let’s find out which couple succeeds in having INTERCOURSE.

        The Interview (Hotshots app)

        Story : The Interview is a lust story where two girls conduct a fake interview hiring two guys and promising them a job on the basis of their performance in bed. They are taken to separate rooms and then seduced by the girls. One of them realizes the situation and bails out. The guy is left alone and has to perform with both girls now.

        Nympho (Hotshots App)

        Story : A journey of a girl with lustful desire and her desire to sleep with random people leads her to depression And then to death when she is unable to get emotional support from her family and friends. The story would have shades of her life, her family, and society\u0027s reaction towards her and how they behave towards her when they come to know about her desires of life.

        Faasla (Hotshots App)

        Story : Gunjan is a bubbly perky housewife, who likes to excite her husband, Sameer through impromptu sex. Once she seduces her husband as he is playing a game on his PlayStation. Yogi stays next door to them and sees this seduction and gets jealous. Sameer falls while fixing a bulb and breaks his leg and out of action for an year. After few days, Sameer catches Gunjan taring at Yogi as he washes his car. Sameer ensures interaction which leads to sparks flying between Yogi and Gunjan. After few days Sameer pretends to sleep and then watches Gunjan sneak out and have sex with Yogi in the neighboring bungalow, fulfilling his fantasy.

        Ambition (Hotshots app)

        Story : This story of a girl full of ambitions. Riya is an accountant in a financial department office at a construction site. Due to her career and dreams, Riya is physically maintaining rails with her boss, while on the other hand, she is also maintaining a relationship of love with her colleague from the same office. It is not a big deal to be in two relationships in modern times. Rhea’s love for her career has convinced her to live this way. She cannot leave her boss and her boyfriend cannot leave her. Riya’s truth is one day revealed and she feels very sad and she doesn’t know how to leave all of this and stay in a happy relationship with her boyfriend. But is it too late for Riya as she calls this being ambitious but lust has overpowered her and she will go to any extent to satisfy her needs.

        My Last Imagination (Hotshots App)

        Story : This is a story of an upcoming writer Rishab who once got so engrossed into writing his new story where he starts living the life of others as his own, his obsession for writing his story increases day by day and unknowingly he commits crimes which he never wished to. Watch the film to find out what happens when Rishab faces the consequences of his actions while being deeply engrossed in writing his aspiring project.

          The Bondage (Uflix app)

          Open house (Balloons App)


          Palang Tod double dhamaka (Ullu App)

          Story : A lonely women’s fascination towards her nephew sparks a sensual chemistry between them. Even more exquisite was her sister indulgence in this sexual liaison. What will be the voyage of these extraordinary trio? Palang Tod – “DOUBLE DHAMAKA”

          Taala (Uflix App)

          Game (Flizmovies App)

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