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Sharanya jit Kaur complete bold webseries list

Sharnya Jit Kaur is an Indian adult webseries actress. She appears mainly in hot adult hindi Web series. Sharanya's seductive expression makes the video more erotic. Here we are mentioning all the 18+ full webseries originals name list Sharnaya from various live video app platforms with every parts episode version list for watching it online for free without premium subscription account.

Table of Content (toc)

Crimes and Confessions Season 2  (Altbalaji App)

Episodes - 01, 04

Paurashpur Season 2 (Altt Balaji App)

Kulfi (Bijli App)

RasMalai (Bijli App)

Storyline : Indulge in a delectable blend of sweet and spicy as two souls collide in a playful dance of desire and mischief. Rasmalai a tantalizing romance comedy that serves up a sizzling concoction of love, laughter, and a sprinkle of seduction, leaving you craving for more

Amrapali (Rabbitmovies App)

Paathshaala season 3 (Rabbitmovies App)

Roopmati (Rabbitmovies App

Storyline :- Roopmati is the story of a boy who loves a girl but her father doesn’t allow both of them to meet so the boy changes his attire into a girl he becomes a lady and anyhow he visits to girls house and how they make romance with each other in this situation is shown in this story.


Dead Ishq (Haancock App)

Rajneeti (RabbitMovies App)

Storyline :- Leaders in politics fall to any extent for the sake of their selfishness, and when a person stands against these leaders to make society aware, then dirty politics begins, see the drama full of thrill, romance, and dirty politics.

Biwi Ho To Aisi (Woow App)

Storyline : After a little fight a couple went to hill station to change mood , a broker get to know about the fight and offers each of them a seperate partner for relax. Watch This Series Online.

Plan B (RabbitMovies App)

Storyline : Plan B, This is this story of two sisters of which one sister plans to murder of his sister for his dad’s property. How the plane of the game changes at the end is shown in this series.

Aatma (Mangotv App)

Storyline : A beautiful girl who was a beautiful soul too lived alone, used to give boys a place to live in her house and fulfill her physical needs from them.

Pichese Season 2 (Rabbitmovies App)

Storyline :- A story of three boys who plan to have threesome with some girls of the village they also succeed but when all three girls recognise that they all are the same who have raped them by cheating, then what’s the plan of their girls to trap all of them let’s see in the story.

Chumeshwari (Boommovies App)

Pehredaar 2 (PrimePlay App)

Storyline : Story is based on culture in village where father in law also gets marry with daughter in law so that he can take care of her like husband in absence of his Son Let's see what happens with Shikha when her husband goes in city for work and she just stays with her father in law.

Sultan (Ullu App)

Story: Sultan is a star buffalo, who is talk of the town and loved by the family for his extraordinary virility. But, the one person who hates Sultan is Deepu, who is a good for nothing, single child of the family who always lurks in the shadows of Sultan.

Gidhdh Bhoj (Cineprime App)

Jungle (HotMx App)

Story : Samar And Dimple Fall In Love, And As Any Young Couple Would, They Naturally Start Getting Physically Attracted To Eachother. Unable To Find An Appropriate Place Without Being Caught, They End Up In A Jungle For Exploring Their Physicality.
But What Happens There Unfolds A Journey Of Regret, Guilt, Anger, Revenge, And Justice.

Trio (TriFlicks App)

Palang Tod Zaroorat Season 2 (Ullu App)

Story : The sweet love story between Savita and Kamlesh gets complicated when Kamlesh’s cousin, Umesh stumbles upon the secret relationship between Savita and Kamlesh. Instead of supporting the love life of his brother, he starts blackmailing Savita. Physically stranded on his wheelchair, poor Kamlesh could do noting but watch Savita go through this misery.

Palang Tod Zaroorat (Ullu App)

Story : Kamlesh is paralyzed and Savita is his housekeeper, who takes care of all his needs along with the household chores. One day, Savita notices some body movement in Kamlesh which happened because kamlesh accidentally touched her cleavage Savita then decides to treat Kamlesh using her body and then starts a journey full of fantasies.

Dunali Season 2 (Ullu App)

Story : Sameer finds a girl with the rarest of the rare gift, just like him which doubles the fun and excitement in his life and everyone around him. Sameer tries to explore his sexuallity amidst this adventure which seems as a blessing to many, but a curse to him.

    Relationship Counsellor (Ullu App)

    Story : Tired of Kartik’s daily sexual desires, Sejal leaves the house and goes to live with her friend Meghna and her husband Rajiv. Who decides to council them to help resolve their differences. But little did they, know that this decision of becoming “Relationship Counsellor” for friends would make them cross their own limits and their own relationship will be at stake.

      Kamar Ki Naap (Ullu app) 

      Story : After multiple failed attempts of a newlywed bride to learn tailoring, her husband seeks help from a seasoned tailor Chinki. Chinki’s fascination for female touch, thrills the bride and she gets carried away by this new sensation. How will the husband react on discovering the relationship of her wife with another woman?

      Psycho Saiyan (Cine7 App)  

      Wrong Plan (Pagala App)                           

      Massage Wali (Pagala App)

      Family Strokes 2 (PrimeShots app)

      StoryThe guy named Mohit just wants to spend some good time with his girlfriend. The girlfriend turns out to be his roommate’s ex. Things get messy when she also brings her love affair to the game.

      Seal (PrimeShots app)


      Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 (Ullu App)

      Story : The sensuous bhabhi will play her sultry games once again! One lucky guy’s pleasure will be fulfilled in the tale of “Dirty Naukar” with her seductive voice and erotic stories while an unlucky one is caught in the blunder. Feel her sensual laughter as it takes you on an uncharted ride in “KAVITA BHABHI – 3.

        Gang Bang (Balloons app)

        Black Rose (HotMasti App)

        Love Letter (Kooku App)

        Story : The Story of Suspense, Drama and Thriller. Tanay wants a Divorce from his Wife as He has an Affair with Another Girl. Now will he get the Divorce and not and what Struggle he has to go through to Achieve that.

        The Deal (HotShots app)

        Story : A story of a married couple living a luxurious lifestyle and Dhiraj is a businessman who ends up into big loss. He has lost all his money and their finances take a nosedive into debt. With 7 days to repay the Money Dhiraj reaches out to an old friend who is one of the biggest business tycoons of India. She invites them over to her villa for dinner. She agreed to help Dhiraj but also made an Indecent Proposal that Dhiraj has to sleep with her. Neha silenced as Dhiraj does not hesitate to agree as it is just a matter of one-night and he knows this is an easy way out of the debt and to continue living a lavish life. Let’s see this deal go through.

        Mysterious Lust (HotShots App)

        Story : The story revolves round a pair named Anupriya and Abhishek. they’re married and lead an excellent lifestyle, however, due to work pressure, Abhishek receives much less time for Anupriya due to which she is always upset, as she hardly receives a hazard to make love with him. it’s her birthday nowadays and today Abhishek is in an erotic temper and he buys her plants, allow’s find out how the day turns out.

          Lage Raho Doctor (FlizMovies app)

          Uff (Gehana Vasisth App)

          Fraud sainyyan (Boommovies App)

          Paying Guest (HotShots App)

          Story :   Rajat’s mother’s buddy has a first-rate warm sister Riya who is searching out lodging and she or he offers her to live as a Paying visitor in their residence. On seeing her Rajat is steamed up and later invitations his lady friend over whilst no person is within the residence. Rajat immaturely trie’s to make out together with her but finally ends up offending her. Later Riya reveals him all tensed up and after she heard his story she offers to train him a way to be sensualistic with a female however the whole thing has a charge, allow’s discover.

          Love Duo (HotShots App)

          Story : An M-Tech final year student Janhavi is in an intimate relationship for 4 years with her boyfriend Sameer, the semister is about to end and so is the time for the couple to part ways as Janhavi has to now go back to her home town and live with her mother who is a single parent and a lawyer by profession at the High Court, the story takes a turn when Sameer asks Janhavi to introduce him to her mother and talk to her about their relationship, however, the twist unfolds when Janhavi’s mother has some cunning plans to fulfill her hidden fantasies after meeting Sameer. Will Janhavi and Sameer get married or will Janhavi’s mother succeed in her evil desires.

          Gupt Gyan Napunsakta (BigMovieZoo App)

          Story :  This story is of a person who wants to do a lot in his life, but due to physical problem, he is not able to be happy, then he gets the solution of that problem, and his life changes, watch to know Secret knowledge.

          Gupt Gyan Lesbian (BigMovieZoo App)

          Gupt Gyan Shighrapatan (BigMovieZoo App)

          Story :  This story is about a loving couple who have unmatched love, but due to physical problem, a storm arises between the two, due to which their way of breaking their way, then they get a solution to that problem. What is the solution, see secret knowledge to know…

          Ludo The Sex Game (Feneomovie App)


          Move On (HotShots App)

           Story : A Simple Love Story That Gets So Complicated. Rahul Has A Huge Crush On Riya And Is Friends With Her Best Friend Anjali. One Day Rahul Decides To Tell Anjali That He Is In Love With Riya But It Hit Both Of Them As A Huge Surprise As She Loved Him And Was Under The Impression That He Does The Same, She Gets Very Angry And Depressed. Rahul Reaches Riya’s House To Propose To Her, But What He Finds Out Leaves Him Angry And Depressed Too. He Heads Back To His House Where He Left Anjali, What He Finds Out Now Leaves Him Dismayed.

          Fraud Ishq (HotShots App)

           Story : Meghna a housewife is watching Rahul exercise from her balcony then goes to his house persuading him to sleep with her. But Rahul refuses to do so but eventually has no choice as Meghna blackmails him. After some time Rahul’s girlfriend arrives who is meeting him for the first time as they met through social media. She tries to make love to Rahul but disoriented with the previous event Rahul is unable to do so. Confessing everything to her they go to Meghna’s house and warn her to stay away, but Meghna defies them and threaten’s to kill anyone that will get in her way. Find out how the Secrets and truths unfold, how Rahul ends up in a situation like he is in and what does one do to get out

          Made For Each Other (Flizmovies App)

          Online Ishq (HotShots App)

           Story : Suspecting her boyfriend of infidelity, She involves another woman who is her best friend to test his faithfulness. Download Online Ishq Hotshots Web Series Free and While his girlfriend is away her friend connects with him through social media and soon turns in to dating and romance, She indulges his deepest fantasies. Soon, the relationships between all three intensify as his girlfriend is set to return. Watch the drama and learn that Love should never be Judged

          Mohini Bhabhi 2 (CinemaDosti App)

          Mary and Marlow (BigMovieZoo App)

           Story : A romantic comedy series starring Arshi Khan and Akshay Mishra. Directed by Anirudh Kumar, the series revolves around two romantic couple Mary Aur Marlow.

          Call Center (Ullu App)

           Story : The telecallers are up for a final showdown, as they find themselves trapped in a contraption of glamour and greed. Their hearts buzz for the call of love but none answers to their wrecked deeds. Witness the problematic life of these problem solvers in “CALL CENTER”

          Jism Aur Ishq (BoomMovies App)

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