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HotX originals complete Web Series list with Actress name

When we talk about Bold Web Series, hotX vip has gained a lot of popularity in 2021. This platform is providing uncut erotic content for the youth audience of India. It has among hottest uncut webs shows in genre of Romance, Fantasy, Crime, Drama, comedy and parody of best show and movies originals download list .

Here we are mentioning all the Top hotX vip download uncut version free Hot Web Series list which you should not miss.

Table of Content (toc)

PARAM SUKH (Actress: Riya Gupta as Malini)

Family Diaries (Actress: Sofia Shaikh Rozi raj)

Angoor (Actress: Sofia Shaikh)

Pyasi Bahu (Actress: Rozi Raj)

Doll (Actress: Gargi khakhalary, Preeti puneet)

Deeper (Actress: Neha)

Mausam (Actress: Riya Gupta as Malini)

Storyline : Mausam; Witness a unnatural love story unfold amidst forbidden circumstances as a servant and a lady landlord find themselves drawn to each other while her husband is absent.

FITRAT (Actress: Kajal Chouhan, Aisha Pathan)

Storyline : In this story one couple takes on the role of matchmakers setting up a girl, with another guy. Meanwhile two romantic couples add a touch of excitement to the narrative.

Wild Love (Actress: Kajal Chouhan)

Storyline : Indulge, in a scintillating adventure with the captivating web series "KAJAL MMS" from HotX VIP Originals. Follow the story of a couple who discovered love through a dating app and embarked on an passionate rendezvous at a charming hotel in Ooty.

Wild Love (Actress: Sremoyee Mukherjee)

Storyline : Experience Wild Love, the uncut adult web series on hotX VIP, exploring an uncensored love affair between a Indian landlady ( Malkin ) and her servant ( Naukar ). Unleash passion and intrigue!"

SHAME (Actress: Sharabani Khatun)

Storyline : Immerse yourself in a story of love under circumstances intertwined with a young girls personal journey. Embark, on this emotionally charged narrative that delves into raw emotions and engaging storytelling.

Closure (Actress: Diya)

Storyline : Get ready, for an enthralling and story of forbidden love that revolves around a Devar and his Wife. Watch it now to immerse yourself in a captivating tale of passion.

Attraction (Actress: Riya Gupta as Malini)

Storyline : A wife who is longing for romance desires a deeper connection with her husband. As tensions build, a thrilling turn of events ignites the flames of their love once again, mesmerizing viewers with an electrifying conclusion.

Tadap (Actress: Aayushi Jaiswal)

Storyline - The series revolves around the story of a girl who falls in love with a guy and faces several obstacles in their relationship…

GRAPES (Actress: Simran Kapoor)

Storyline : Experience the captivating adult web series "Grapes," where the intricate relationship between Bhabhi and Devar unfolds. 

Farebi (Actress: Simran Kapoor, Riya Gupta as Malini)

Storyline : In this suspenseful web series, Ritesh, the boyfriend of Priya, blackmails her elder sister Ritu. He threatens to release intimate videos of himself and Priya unless Ritu pays him a large sum of money. Adding to the intrigue, Avinash informs Ritu that Ritesh has also swindled him out of 50 Lakhs. To recover the stolen amount, Avinash urges Ritu to enter into a relationship with him.

Sudha Bhabhi Uncut (Actress: RESHMA)

Storyline : Sudha Bhabhi, an intriguing Indian adult Bollywood web series follows the story of a woman whose husband is out of town. Unexpectedly, a charming shopkeeper enters her life, leading to an enthralling romance filled with twists and turns. Get ready for an exhilarating ride!

Charm Uncut (Actress: Mahi)

Storyline : Beautiful girl with a captivating charm that will leave viewers spellbound, this adult webseries episode promises to be a must-watch for those who appreciate beauty and quality entertainment.

Show Girls (Actress: Mahi, Nikhita)

Storyline : Nikhita and Mahi's hotx VIP original adult web series depicts the story of two best friends who dream about owning their own beauty business. However, their plan is interrupted when Mahi's husband goes out of town, leading to unforeseen consequences. How they will not satisfy herself.

Nothing to Hide (Actress: Mahi)

Storyline :  A story of a beautiful girl who was lonely at home and started loving herself.

Jaanvi Uncut (Actress: Jaanvi aka Rozi)

Storyline : The show follows the story of Jaanvi, a newly married wife who eagerly waits for her husband to return and fulfill her romantic desires.

Pink Love (Actress: Aiza Fatima)

Storyline : The story revolves around a family consisting of a father, his son, and the son's wife. One day, the son had to go out for some work, leaving his wife alone with his father. While the son was away, the father found himself increasingly attracted to his daughter-in-law.

Dirty Chachi (Actress: Reshma)

Storyline : The adult web series "DIRTY CHACHI" takes a daring approach with a storyline that explores a taboo relationship between an aunt and her own son. When the husband witnesses the affair, he is unable to resist joining in for a steamy romantic encounter. It's a gripping tale that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

Body Heat (Actress: Aiza Fatima)

Storyline :- Vinay was a 28 years old reach at a private school for girls, he loved his job and loved the girls, there was one especially that he really liked, a young girl named harshita 19 years. Every time he thought of her or just looked her way he got a hard on Hotx.

Mismatched UNCUT (Actress: Aiza Fatima, Kajal Chouhan)

Storyline :- This is the story of an Indian housewife who was an agent for the models. His husband was unknown from this fact, one day her husband dialed a number of the model supplier and booked a girl for himself as his wife was going to her native what happened next watch this high end adult drama web series. 

SPICY BAHU (Actress: Aiza Fatima)

Storyline : When the son does not please his wife, or the growing closeness between the daughter-in-law and the father-in-law turns into some other relationship.

Lust (Actress: Jyoti Mishra)

Bedroom Eyes (Actress: Priya dutta ak Riya, Hema das aka Punam)

Bedroom Eyes (Actress: Bipasha saha)

Storyline : Are your eyes looking for some perfect romantic drama then head towards bedroom eyes. A story of an adult Indian girl who was more enthusiastic and full energetic towards her work, She is a Sexy Model with toned perfect figure.

Hand Maiden (Actress: Bipasha saha as DISHA)

Storyline : The story of how the room owner used a golden opportunity to have romance with a sexy maid when there were none in his home .

Seduction (Actress: Rahi sahoo as Urmi sen)

Unseen UNCUT (Actress: Tina nandy)

Story : The plot of this web series revolves around a young married girl who is not happy with her married life. The husband is unable to satisfy her and she develops an extramarital affair in her dream

Tantra Massage Uncut (Actress: SHANAYA)

Masoon jawani UNCUT (Actress: Soniya maheshwari)

Story : The plot of this web series revolves around a beautiful girl who serves milk in an apartment. There lives a man whose wife has gone to mother’s place. One day, she comes to deliver the milk and they both start talking, one thing leads to another and they engage in steamy lovemaking session and their body becomes one

Hope UNCUT (Actress: Kajal chouhan)

Naked Desire UNCUT (Actress: Pooja Anand, Anastasia krikunova, Kirti)

Unfair Love (Actress: Vidya Kokane)

Story :- A story of a couple who was in love but something happened suddenly, watch this highly romantic web series only on HotX VIP

Kavita Uncut (Actress: Kajal Chauhan)

Yoga Teacher (Actress: Vidya Kokane)

Story : yoga teacher visits her house to teach her yoga. Soon she falls in love with him.

Silent Love (Actress: Prajakta aka Shanaya Jha)

Story : An emotional and erotic love story about a couple made for each other Any Web series based on cancer will unsurprisingly leave the heart aching and this love story is no exception.

Majboor UNCUT (Actress: Priya Paul, Jayati Thakkar, Shefali Fidelis)

Story : A story of a Glamour Model who falls in love with a photographer. A story of Passion and Betrayal. A story of One Side Love Watch this exclusive Bollywood Web series now on HotX VIP

Doctor Jhatka UNCUT (Actress: Arti Gangwar, Akshita Singh, Sapna Sharma)

:- The plot revolves around funny incidents in a clinic. A doctor is a rare person who loves to do a variety of things. He makes new things work out and explores new things. Things take a different turn and he starts finding a new version of his life.

Hot Story Uncut (Actress: Anmol Khan)

Plan Uncut (Actress: Akshita Singh)

Storyline :- Putting in jealousy, everyone around them, this couple is perfectly happy and enjoying all the marital bliss so effortlessly. Little does anyone know of what lies beneath the surface? The wife wants the husband dead for a 200cr insurance policy while the husband is plotting to get the wife murdered for a 1300cr policy. Destiny beholds a different plan, though. We bring you a super gripping and dramatic story of betrayal, packed with a lot of sex, and so much more.

Bad Crush Uncut (Actress: Bhagyashree, Jayanti)

Storyline :- In this episode will let you know what’s the consequences of having craziness for your beloved person. Our most beautiful, whopping attractive lady was getting closer with her loving friend, when her husband got to know about this and the real drama started.

Naina Bhabhi UNCUT (Actress: Kajal chouhan)

Storyline :- Husband had gone out when brother-in-law came and there was a lot of romance with sister-in-law. Watch this exclusive Web Series now on HotX VIP.

Nooky Uncut (Actress: Kajal chouhan)

Storyline :- Kajal’s first uncut with hotx vip.

Dhoka (Actress: Ushasi ghosh)

Storyline :- A story begins the place a boy starts from flirting with women and goes on up to putting to beds. This didn’t end his adulterer here itself, he went on changing his love every time he finds a new girl. Watch the hottest bollywood Web Series now on HotX VIP.

Pihu Intimate (Actress: Pihu Singh)

Storyline :- Wife and husband were blindfolded and romancing in a character role. Watch this exclusive web series on HotX VIP

Pyari Bhabhi Uncut (Actress: Kajal chouhan)

Storyline :- The brother-in-law gives a letter to the sister-in-law and says that there is a tradition of romancing, that’s why you have to romance with me Pyari Bhabhi

Doodhwali 2 UNCUT (Actress: Anmol, Jyoti Mishra, Soniya Maheshwari)

Storyline :- Babuji” was lonely and now Doodhwali was away too. But do you know she has a sister who is an even bigger bombshell? Babuji was shocked to see her! The smooth curvy body took his breath away and within minutes she was in her right place, on his bed! The screams filled with pleasure. She called him to drink her honey. It was hot! It was loud! Experience the lust like never before with Doodhwali. 

Oouch Uncut (Actress: Gargi Khakhalary)

Story : Gargi’s exclusive very hot show streaming now only on your fav channel

Lezzo Uncut (Actress: Gargi Khakhalary, Preeti puneet)

Storyline :- Seeing that Pinky was watching a dirty movie on mobile, stepmother saw her and seeing this stepmother got sexual feelings what happened next watch this most romantic web series only on hotx vip.

Bahurani Uncut (Actress: Preeti puneet)

Storyline :- Husband was out, she was in the mood for romance, so finally she did everything with sasur ji, watch this extreme romantic web series by HotX VIP.

Maid UNCUT (Actress: Naina aka Pooja)

Storyline :- His wife was not at home, so he took a chance to get involve in relationship with Kaanta ( Maid ). What happened next watch the full episode now on HotX VIP

Friends Uncut (Actress: Preeti puneet, Kajal chouhan)

Happy Birthday Uncut (Actress: Preeti Puneet)

Storyline :- She called her male friend, because her husband is somewhere outside and today is her birthday and he did not even wish, today she is very upset. Thanks to her friend who also celebrated his birthday and also gave a lot of love Watch this exclusive indian adult web series now on hotx vip.

Savita Bhabhi UNCUT (Actress: Neha)

Storyline :- Left out by her husband, Savita bhabhi is home alone feeling a little bit tipsy, and one does not simply enjoy the fun alone! Savita requires the help of a trusty companion. a reliable friend from outside of the family. One who is always there to lend their support in times of need, like when her husband is out of town. Since nobody else was around, she decided to call the local security guard to help her by relieving her stress, making her feel important, and satisfying her soul.

Baby / Kajri Uncut (Actress: Moni Singh, Neha)

Kaanta (Actress: Anjali Patel)

Storyline :- Ravi has a maid for 1 year and often he noticed her something extra behaviour while cleaning the bedroom. She didn’t know about this that the home owner is enjoying her foreplay moments and wanted to take herself on the bed. The story created full drama when one day while he noticed her by doing the same thing with herself so he suddenly caught her from her back with full madness and gave her good pounding romance and satisfies her fully. The juicy Bollywood hot actress now offer him to give her hot job in bedroom and enjoy the sexiest rides with him. One day his friend also notices her and wants to give her a sexy ride too. He blackmails his friend to send her to fulfill his sexual desires otherwise he will reveal everything to his wife…and then this hot Erotic story moves further when one by one people come to know about their secret affair and take advantage of his maid which made the Kantaa helpless during the whole Adult Web Series.

Arthaat (Actress: Preeti puneet)

StoryA Husband who has lost his energy invariably impacted his wife, and she started becoming irritated and unsatisfied. Still, the story takes a turn when sasur sees his bahu satisfying Herself in a Farmland. A Relative advises them, the only solution to bring back happiness in their lives is a Birth of a child, and to keep the family legacy going on, it should be from family genes. As per seeing the condition of the husband, it should be done by Sasur. But upon hearing this, the Wife became stunned and strongly disagreed with this. The Tables have turned when she sees, over excitement and eagerness in Sasur, this changes her mind, and finally, she decides to let Sasur a chance to play the final game.

Shiatsu UNCUT (ActressSakira Aka Anjali jangde)

Storyline :- When too much pressure is weighing on people’s shoulders, they just need a little R&R. Fortunately, for one man who is exhausted due to his demanding workload, relaxation and relief come in the form of sending him a masseuse by way of an agency. The lucky guy gets sent a gorgeous girl who performs professionally and provides him with the much-needed respite he requires to rejuvenate his mind, body, and spirit.

Radhika Mam (Actress: Soniya Maheshwari, Kirti Sharma, Kalyani Jha)

Storyline : HotX VIP presents, web series based on Real Incidents, A 21y/o boy Chintu who’s still in 10th and suffering from constant failures in studies. Every time he tries to concentrate in studies, he falls asleep. However, He belongs to a reputed Indian Family where his father is a professor in a renowned University, and on the other hand, his son who has been failed 5 times in 10th standard. This is a disgraceful thing on their family Reputation, then a friend of Chintu advises him to meet Radhika Mam. Radhika is a young teacher who has excellent teaching skills. She has also worked in various Bollywood Short films. Apart from this, the fees of Radhika mam are very costly, But Chintu’s family has no other option left. Radhika mam started giving tuitions to chintu, and flawless results can be seen within few weeks. Chintu, who falls asleep every time after opening books, Now begging for extra classes of Radhika Mam. Final Results came out, and in the 6th attempt, Chintu cleared his 10th examination with exceptional grades. Later, it was revealed that Radhika Mam sets spicy and sensational milestones involving students in sexual activities.

Gamer (Actress: Shreet Chaande)

Story : Happy, a Vicious man with a casanova Personality who lies about being gay and forms Physical relationships with young and innocent ladies. Wearing a false mask of reunion with his college friend, Aditya, Happy pretended to be his friend on the face while conspiring to have intercourse with his Fiancee. Get Ready to witness the “Gamer” in Action exclusively at your own OTT, HOTx Vip.

Love Triangle (Actress: Kajal Chauhan, Sakira aka Anjali jangde)

Story : "Love Triangle” is not by any means an ordinary love story between two people. Jeeja, Saali, and Wife’s awkward relationship blossoms into fantastic intimacy. They aren’t bothered about making love in the same bed and show complete participation even though they know they are sharing the same man. What do we call it now: luck, fate, or a complete disaster? “Love Triangle” is streaming now only on HOTX Vip Originals.

Bhabhi Ji (Actress: SAKIRA aka Anjali jangde)

Story : One night, Bhaiya got late while working in the office. He’s pretty tired, so he decides to take a short nap at his desk. Devar and Bhabhi are at home as well, and fortunately for them, they happen to be home alone. Both are busy doing different things. Devar has a movie marathon going on while Bhabhi is trying to find some distraction and comes to Devar, who looks very appealing enough to hold her attention. In no time, both of them took advantage of the opportunity and grabbed each other to fill their souls.

Gloomy (Actress: Pihu Singh)

Story : When Anjali’s parents depart on a trip, she did something terrible. With her one action, the doors of death were opened for two lives. It all starts with an affair with a nasty boy and a naive decision taken by her. Anjali and Rahul have been together for a long time, and when her parents weren’t home, she decided to invite him to spend some quality time, but she did not even realize that this happy atmosphere was now going to turn into her worst nightmare.

Bound (Actress: Kajal Chouhan, Pihu Singh)

Best Bhabhi (Actress: Kajal Chouhan)

Story : Mistake or Well thought out conspiracy? It was a night of a moonlit breeze and set wet moods. Devar got out of the shower and ready for bed. It was already 2 a.m., so he decided to watch some erotic videos and add more romanticism before going to sleep, but he was not aware about the fact that his bhabhi was peeping from outside the room. His poor mind didn’t realise that the content he’s seeing now is going to happen to him in reality. Bhabhi played her move and tried her best to make it smooth by using her husband’s absence and his trepidation of sleeping alone to convert it into a shield to slide in her devar’s blanket.

Lamhe (Actress: Pooja Anand, Shruti)

Story : A housewife who loses every bit of excitement from her life, and starts seeking love and attention from everyone who meets her, and Somehow by fair means or foul, she formes physical relationship with his husband’s Bestfriend and Ruins a healthy, Trustworthy Couple relationship. In this bizarre, odd world and to make things even, Life shows its colors.

Rangeen Mizaz (Actress: Preet puneet kaur, Maya Jaiswal)

Story : Handsome Hunk outside and Devilish inside, a Young boy who traps Naive girls and uses them in a very artistically way. The Art of using his gorgeous girlfriends and trapping Lusty Rich Middle-aged men’s and later on, dethrone them from their own money and real estates. Even after bathing in cash and enjoying lavishly lifestyle, he’s still miles away from his unspoken vision. Let’s just pretend, his plan are much more than stealing cash and run away.

Revenge (Actress: Shilpa Thakur, Sayali Deshpande)

Story : A Blind Naive Girl fell in love with a devilish devious man who uses her to fulfill his lusty needs and betrayed her by putting her in the business of prostitution. However, pillars of troubles starts taking place when the escort agency starts interfering in their relationship and putting immense pressure on him to complete the task as soon as possible.

Disloyal (Actress: Anjana Sharma, Sanjana Roy)

Story : The plot revolves around a married lady. She is totally unhappy with life. A new man enters her life and changes everything. Later, she finds out that the man in cheating on her. Will she be able to forgive him?

Lust (Actress: Reshma Kapoor aka Princess Afreena)

Story : The plot revolves around a happily married couple. They have special secrets within them. As they plan to experiment with their desires. Things take a new turn. Will their life be normal like before?

Milan (Actress: Preeti Puneet)

Story : Milan is an adult web series that covers a couple’s story in such a realistic way. Spending time with your loved ones is an excellent relief from a hectic and stressful life. To Solve issues and revive the spark between themselves, one energetic couple planned to reunite at a Royal Residence and decided to give a fresh beginning to their physical intimacy that had been lost from the past several years.

Hot Med (Actress: Pooja Anand)

Story : Young enthusiastic Servant faces issues while forming physical relationships with his wife; even after trying dozens of methods, nothing seems to work. A prominent doctor gave him a set of pills and medicines and completely fixed his love life. But, Coincidentally, the place where he works gave him a mouth-opening experience.

Rajbhog (Actress: Preeti Puneet)

Story : Rajbhog, an adult content web series that dramatically covers a compilation of tales of sweet murders. Sasur and Bahu shake their hands to extract something more than a person’s soul. Where Sasur, offers his Apartment at a meager monthly rent which fascinates the interest of numberless bachelors, which fills the hidden interest of Sasur and alongside with his Widow bahu, who attracts those young men with her curvy shaped body and appealing nature, to establish physical relationships with them.

    Fantasy Doctor (Actress: Anjali Patel)

    Story : Fantasy Doctor which is quite a playful & romance affair Indian adult movie between a young hot nurse and a fantasy Doctor. This most Erotic story gets really interesting when the nurse gets a very early morning call from the doctor, It was surprised for her that a man who looks so decent and noble calls him like this to call her for his birthday celebration. Suddenly she started laughing and after a playful flirting drama with her partner she gets down to the business of gifting his Doctor with a visit to the clinic.

    Bitten by love (Actress: Anjali Patel)

    Story : A Young enthusiastic couple has troubles in their marriage due to a lack of physical intimacy. To save their marriage, a friend decided to provide them with a solution to revive the madness with a secret packet of powder that triggers a person’s emotional stage. It can convert a lousy person into a tremendous person who’s very much wild and passionate. But the story takes a turning point when she starts taking medicine in larger quantities, and the side effects of powder start showing off; the wife becomes extremely wild, lusty, and wants to try new things every day. Does the Husband hold power to satisfy her, or that’s what he wanted? Bitten by love carries a ton of secrets.

    Sextortion (Actress: Anjali Patel, Mahi Shah)

    Story : An Anonymous trickster started a fraud escort agency and trapped multiple naive individuals but never imagined what kind of consequences he might face. Fake escort service is available for all unemployed and desperate people; Amit, Vicky, and Rocky are the first victims to fall into this trap. All of them are blackmailed, threatened, and a Huge Ransom is demanded, but Everyone has a different strategy to deal with problematic situations. Amit who has accepted that he’s been tricked, but Rocky and Vicky continue to walk on the escort path, which is full of uncertainty and dramatic scenarios. How an exploiter uses them to usurp money and plays emotionally to extract more ransom.

    Call Girl (Actress: Pihu Singh, Jasmin talukdar)

    Story : Mishika, a prime girl of an escort company, coincidentally met his Jiju at the hotel and spent quality time by having a sexual intercourse with him. Since then, they have each other’s dark truth, and they mutually decided to keep it a secret. Jiju, who’s a straightforward husband in his wife’s eyes, But in reality, he’s a womanizer and invites call girl on regular basis, and Mishika, who provides escort service at a prohibitive rate, is a corporate office-going girl. Both are having a False Bravado in front of his wife and his sister. After spending a fun time at the hotel, spicy turns and hilarious moments keep on chasing Mishika and his Jiju. Will the Hotel secret is ever going to come out? Watch Entertaining yet Dark web series! Call Girl is streaming.

    Padosan (Actress: Jasmin talukdar)

    Story : A Neighbour in need, a Neighbour indeed. Watch the New Episode of Padosan, A jam-packed Indian bollywood Web series with emotions, gratitude, and lust. Sweety, an appealing, bold, and enthusiastic personality, recently shifted to a new city. She’s an independent working Girl with a hectic lifestyle and manages all her day-to-day tasks on her own. After a tight schedule, Sweety decided to rejoice her soul by making a cup of tea, but unfortunately, the Sugar Jar was out of Sugar. Sweety decides to take help from their neighbors, carries an empty bowl, and goes to the neighborhood. She rings the doorbell with an empty bowl filled with hopes, and an attractive Indian young man opens the door. He welcomed her with pleasing behavior. Sweety sits on his comfortable couch, but the young man’s looks turned her on. He gave Sweety a sugar-filled bowl, but Now Sweety needs something else, and Young Man knows what it is.

    Karma (Actress: Pihu Singh, Preeti puneet kaur)

    Story : Karma, a web series that finely portrays the emotions of Revenge, Greed, and Vengeance. Ishika, a successful entrepreneur married to Vivan. Their Marriage is filled with happiness, care, joy, and of course, Sex. But, All of a sudden, while they were having sex, Ishika started feeling extreme pain in her heart. Vivan instantly called the ambulance and took her to the hospital. After dozens of health check-ups, Doctor advised Vivan, the condition of Ishika’s heart is very weak, and it can be critical if regular sex is performed. This Bad news sows the seeds of Greed inside him. Vivan, who was a responsible husband then, turns out to have a girlfriend, Naina, and planning to murder his wife to usurp all her wealth. Vivan came with an idea by giving viagra to Ishika; then, no one could save her. He came with a glass of water with viagra mixed in it. Insisted Ishika take a sip, but she refused, and they both started romancing. In between, Naina called him and said something which invariably leads to pain in Vivan’s chest. Ishika offers the same glass of water. Vivan drank it in instance and received what he deserves.

    Jeejaji (Actress: Pihu Singh)

    Story : An About to get married, Saali, and an opportunity seeker Jeejaji. The newly launched Web series”Jeejaji Ji” will undoubtedly give you a Spine-chilling experience. Saali’s wedding day is coming, and she is terrified as she does not know romance. She wanted to provide the best experience to her husband, but before that, she needed to be consulted and trained by a professional. Saali decided to take help from her Jeejaji as the bond they share is filled with trust, but Jeejaji is infamous for his evil reputation and flirty nature. She told all of her problems to Jeejaji, and he happily agreed to help her, but the Criminal mind, with a lusty touch, Jeejaji Ji had thought of something else. To Enjoy without disturbance, Jeejaji Ji called her to a Hotel room. As Saali was desperately looking for Romance Training, she agreed. In the first few minutes, training went well, but it took a turn that should be avoided. Jeejaji Ji started touching her, and Saali began to enjoy it. They both spent a fun and Value-based time.

    Curvy Ball (Actress: Kajal chouhan, Soniya dhillon)

    Story : Both beauties were very adventurous in their playing and loved to try out new things. It turned out that they liked to meet in different combinations with varying numbers of people and enjoyed all sorts of romantic activities, to find out more watch this episode.

    Laska (Actress: Kajal chauhan, Soniya Dhillon)

    Story : They have a thousand inside jokes, a million memories and a lot of stuff to share about their friendship. There are a lot of ups and downs in every friendship, everyone fears losing the other one when something happens. Will they able to manage the friendship watch it now!!!

    Wish (Actress: Kajal chauhan)

    Story : Sunny and Kashish had been married for many years but the good news had not come yet, i.e., a Baby. The Society have putten a sweet yet heavy burden on both of them But the inside story was totally different but this Immense nonsense talks, make Kashish Irritated and Depressed. Another day, Another Call, but this time, the temper has reached its highest level. So, She calls to sunny, where she bursts out his emotions, started crying, and Scolding Sunny, Why She cannot be a Mother. Sunny revealed that, due to his low sperm count, they are facing this issue. Kashish reacted shockingly but as well as said some words which acted as a strong wish. “I wish you will regain your strength.” Don’t know how but the magic of Kashish’s wish did its job. Same day, Same hour, Sunny called back and told her that he just talked with Doctor Ji and recieved a good news. Doctor told him that due to change in season, If you decide to try today or tomorrow, then there is a high chance of good news. After 2 months, Kashish becomes pregnant. So, What Made the impossible, possible? Is it a Medical Experience of Doctor or Kashish’s Magical Wish.

    Anjel Spa (Actress: Sakira Aka Anjali jangde, Soniya Dhillon)


    Story : Have you ever heard about a Magic place? Where you can visit and take away all your tiredness within a few hours. Yes, it exists. Introducing Anjel Spa, a sensational web series featuring sizzling actresses with perfectly blended emotions. Anjel Spa is a mysterious place where hundreds of people visit every day, and appointments are also booked for the next few weeks, but Every spa offers mineral-rich spring water for baths. So, Why is Anjel Spa different from others? Anjel Spa offers an intimate special massage by Professionally Trained Masseuse and Masseurs. Very soon, Anjel Spa reached the heights and became the most popular spa in the state. But the same question arises again and again! Why do customers walk in there with a dull face and come out with a sparkling smile? Is Anjel Spa offering some other services apart from massage? Or They have a unique magical scented aura.

    Mami (Actress: Sakira Aka Anjali jangde)

    Story : A Peaceful Morning takes place in a Small Village, Rays of sunshine fill everyone with tons of energy. A small family of Bhanu lives in the same village where a hard-working brother and his responsible wife all live together under one roof. They have unconditional love among them. One day, his brother went to work in the field early in the morning, Bhanu was still sleeping, and his Bhabhi was cooking food. After a while, when Bhanu wakes up, he sees his Bhabhi, who looks gorgeous while working. He doesn’t know how to take his eyes off her. After a few moments, Bhabhi realizes that Bhanu has been looking at her for a long time. Bhabhi looks at him with crooked eyes and gestures, but Bhanu needs something else. Both of them knew that Bhaiya was not going to come for the next few hours. Then both of them couldn’t control their emotions, and they did what they shouldn’t have done.

    Kajri (Actress: Srabani Khatun)

    Tamanna  (Actress: Srimoyee Mukherjee, Mana bag)

       Story : The Web series potrays a Modern Story of a Guy, who initiated his second marriage because his First wife died due to Heart attack. They were doing sex on bed and suddenly her second wife seema, becomes curious about Smita and what exactly happened to her. Aryan decides to tell her everything, so He starts narrating the story. Smita was a acting teacher in an renowned Indian Acting Institute and had mentored many successful actors and actress. While She was teaching about acting in movies to a batch of aspiring Bollywood actors, there’s a young boy, Aryan, who likes her. As Erectile Dysfunction of Aryan created a gap between them, and This gap opened the door of opportunities for Chintu. Soon, Chintu and Nita started hanging out together, But Suddenly one day, Smita died while sleeping. Reports says it’s a heart attack but Who knows? Watch to find all the answers.

    Dulhan (Actress: Srimoyee Mukherjee)

    Story : We all know Marriage is the purest bond of love, but what’s the beginning of this? Yes, you guessed it right. It’s the first night that a husband and wife share, just like Jaya and Amitabh. Jaya was a depressed, lonely girl who had suffered many bad Incidents in her childhood, but every moment of her life changed when she met Amitabh. Amitabh is a Successful Bollywood producer and belongs to a wealthy family. After few years of dating, they decided to share the purest bond of love, i.e., Marriage. Their Wedding is celebrated in Indian Culture with lots of pomp and blessings, and After the celebrations, they went to their bedroom to enjoy their first night. Jaya was already waiting for him with a glass of Haldi milk in her soft and tiny hands, which captivated the mind of Amitabh. He came close to the lips of Jaya, pulled her from the waist, and then kissed her with a long tight hug. On their Suhaag Raat, they initiated an unbreakable bond and one night to remember the next 50 years.

    Kanta Bai 2 (Actress: Mana bag)

    Story : Like the first successful run of episode 1, the Kanta Bai web series has launched another episode with full of ambition, greed, and lust. In episode 2, a sensational character is casted who has worked in various Bollywood and Adult Movies. Episode 2 follows a story of Kajri, a young and smart girl who has been unemployed from the past two years. One day she was talking to her sister, Kanta Bai, where Kajri mentioned she’s still looking for work and then Kanta Bai thought she could work in his Malik’s house. Kanta bai works in a rich house, where she receives a good amount of money with stay and Indian food. Kajri felt that she could not get a better opportunity than this; she arrived the next day. Kajri was surprised to see the house, and she was appointed to clean it. The same day afternoon, she was cleaning the stairs, and Malik was coming up from the stars; Kajri got scared seeing him, and Malik gave a smile and left. Later on, a relationship builds up between them, and Malik, who is already married, sleeps with her, and he assures her to help her with money.

    Kanta Bai UNCUT (Actress: Soni)

    Story : Kanta Bai, the most beautiful and adorable lady you have dreamt of to get as a Bai in your house, is coming to make you awake from dreams and enjoy the scene in real time. Kanta Bai was a home maid working in an elegant massive house where her task was to take care and manage all of the stuff in that house.

    Treatment 2 (Actress: Soniya Maheshwari, Pooja naik)

    Story : Watch a nail-biting, edge of seat thriller Web series inspired by a 50y/o man, Raman, who’s suffering from Erectile dysfunction. After years of Research, He finally managed to find a doctor who’s known as Dr. Gulati. Dr. Gulati, who have successfully treated countless patients including celebrities, having desire disorders, which led to him being declared in “Top 10 Urologists and Gynecologist of India.” Dr. Gulati operates his clinic in the Bollywood city, Mumbai. He works alongside with two gorgeous Nurses, Chulbuli and Stefani. Chulbuli is 21y/o Indian girl and Stefani is 26y/o Adult women. Dr.Gulati treats their patients with his experience and vast knowledge of Medications, but the case of Raman was unprecedented. After trying every treatment, no results can be seen. Suddenly, an idea popped up in Dr.Gulati’s mind, and he called her assistant nurse, Chulbuli, and gave her a secret tip that can cure Raman, i.e., Sex therapy. Chulbuli started giving her unique sex therapy to Raman every night. Soon, Raman’s ED has been successfully treated.

    Chana Jor (Actress: Srimoyee Mukherjee)

    Story : A new Indian uncensored adult movie released few days ago. It is very romantic and a uncut video from the publisher. This story is about Surili, an 18 years ordinary girl from a poor family. But her beauty fascinates everyone. Unfortunately she has to go door to door to sell some chana That’s why she needs to go far from her house. One day she was passing a house and she realizes someone is calling her. What happened next watch the full Indian Episode.

    Malkin (Actress: Pramila / Pooja naik)

    Story : A modern day story of a Bengali couple, who are very rich. They live in their Bungalow with 8 servants working in, Husband is a renowned businessman, and he has to go for business trips frequently. Her wife is the Malkin of the house, But Husband’s excess work created a communication gap and resulted in tattered marriage. One day, Husband urgently has to go out of town, leaving Malkin alone. This makes her gloomy and miserable, To uplift her mood, Malkin decides to wear a saree. Soon, she begins to adorn herself. After few minutes, She felt that someone is watching her from the door’s keyhole. Malkin quickly opened the door and saw a servant who recently joined, was watching her. Servant becomes stunned, but he admits that Malkin’s beauty attracted him, and he couldn’t resist; Malkin replies to him with a flirty smile that says everything. Servant pushed her into the room and locked the door. Husband absence gave a golden opportunity to the servant.

    Bheega Badan (Actress: Anmol khan)

    Story : Everyone takes a shower whenever they feel lousy, upset, or low-spirited, like in this scenario. A Simple girl, who’s been very tired after a hectic day dealing with various problems all at once. So Now, She decided to remove all the negativity by taking a nice bath and feel rejoice and fresh again. Deep diving into the thoughts under the cold shower, thinking about her day and a guy she likes very much. Suddenly, she heard a voice like the door of the bathroom was slowly opened. She turned back, and The Guy who was in the thoughts has now become a reality. He slowly comes towards, touched her bheega badan and then they both drenched their bodies together under the shower and ignited the sensational vibes.

    Treatment (Actress: Jasmine talukdar, Soni)

    Story : We know how you feel about the caring tendency of nurses in your difficult time, that’s why HOTX is ready to make you pleasant with your cherished desires. Two beautiful nurses with their years of experience in helping patients in their difficult time are visible in this web series. Two nurses went to help one patient with the suggestion of the doctor in charge. Where it is very clear that how dedicated the nurses are to make the patient feel comfortable and make his erection problem solved. Similarly they are also responsive to the doctor and making the doctor feel good and happy with their skill of taking care. Don’t miss out on this exciting web series by any chance as you know it’s the best web series you always desired to see.

    Riya Bhabhi (Actress: Tina Nandy)

    Story : On the eve of the wedding anniversary, Riya is eagerly waiting for her husband to come back from the office. She was filled with happiness and love and wanted to express everything to him. From the usual time, it’s been a while for the husband to come; when he reached home, He removed his shoes, loosened up his tie to get relief from his extremely stressed and tiring day and suddenly saw a bright reflection from the floor of his wife. She is already waiting for him in the hallway for hours and looking Incredibly Gorgeous and Magnificent. Riya, who’s is looking the perfect wife in the eyes of his husband. At the very first glimpse of look, both receive a jinx in their spines. The husband couldn’t blink his eyes and couldn’t resist himself after looking at Riyas appealing Beauty. He slowly comes towards her, holds her back, and the romance of eve of the anniversary has started.

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