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Mishti basu complete bold webseries list

Mishti basu is an Indian adult webseries actress. She appears mainly in hot hindi Web series. Misti continues to be the subject of discussion due to her bold avatar in her all short video scenes. She is also known for her naughty and Beautiful cute looks, her pictures and videos continue to be viral on social media.

Here we are mentioning all the 18+ full webseries originals name list Mishti basu from various live video app platforms with every parts episode version list for watching it online for free without premium subscription account.

Table of Content (toc)

61-62 Mera baap Teri mausi ( DigimoviePlex App )

Story : This story is based on an old man whose wife passed away many year ago , now the old man need a woman to satisfy his phisical's desires but how will he get that ? So he silently saw his daughter in- law and son during sex and satisfied him by doing masturbation . One day his son and daughter in law come to know everything about father in law desire , so his daughter in law ask her relative Aunt to come and stay with them.

Rangili Ragini ( Voovi App )

Maa Devrani Beti Jethani ( Ullu App )

Story : Sarla and Raunak are madly in love. Their intimate relationship gives them the pleasure they have never experienced before. All hell breaks loose when the family comes to know of this, because Raunak is brother-in-law to Janvi, who is Sarla’s daughter. Now, it’s up to Janvi, whether her mother remains her mother or she accepts her as her sister in law.

    Dil Ke Armaan ( Ullu App )

    Story : The dreams of a naive girl are shattered when her apparently kind and loving husband along with his siblings torment the new bride. When all hopes of help are lost, the bride becomes the punisher and commits the “Jaghanya”.

    Mittho Bhabhi (RabbitMovies app)

    Story :- Story of a village bhabhi she wants to grow her telephone booth business by attracting young boys and Learning the young Ladies in the village.

      City (Dreams Films app)

      Tu Chai Main Coffee (Dreams Films App)

      Soone Alfaz (BollyFame App)

      Story : Three friends planned a holiday at a farmhouse with their girlfriends. One of them is a very rich and arrogant businessman and the owner of the farmhouse. Another is a corrupt police officer and the last one is from a middle-class family. The businessman’s girlfriend is an actress and a high-class escort which he is unaware of but the police officer knows and is looking to use it as leverage to get with her. One girl is very possessive and the other is greedy for money. They are all here to use each other and in the middle of the holiday, the mysterious death of the actress causes a lot of distress and fear. Is there someone else in the farmhouse or was she murdered by one of them?

      Charmsukh Salahkaar (Ullu app)

      Story : Rarely does a wife complain if her husband is unable to please her in bed, but on husband’s insistance she reveals her dissatisfaction. On a friend’s advice the husband invites the man of wife’s choice to share a bed with them. Will the two men be able to please the woman of the house or discover lust for each other?

      Aadha Adhura Pyaar (Ullu app)

      Story : Nandini is exceedingly frustrated with the performance of her husband in the nightly hours but she is unaware that a brooding youngster will soon resolve her hankering. When even her brother-in-law fails to gratify her, he arranges for a third guy. Will Nandini ever find complete satisfaction in ‘PALANG TOD – AADHA ADHURA PYAAR’!

      Desi Tadka  (Balloons App)

        Muse (Hotshots app)

        Story : A young successful painter is about to finish her Master piece,she is happy as she is finally getting married to her fiance everything is great in her life.suddenly one fine morning she feels dizziness and she falls down on the ground when she wakes up she finds herself lying in the bed and according to doctors she is paralysed for life,her fiance who was in so much in love with her abandons her,according to him he can not live like this with a person who is as good as dead and love is not enough to hold on,her sister leaves her as well to live her life , she has lost all hope,when a doctor comes in her life and helps her to recover. Will she recover from her sickness ? Will she find love again ? Will she be able to finish her half finished master piece ?

        Jism (KiwiTv App)

        Lodam Bhabhi (Rabbit movies App)


        Riti Riwaj Pinjara (Ullu app)

        Story : A simple arrangement to save a marriage deranges the sexual orientation of an innocent bride. To avoid the bad omen in her stars, she first has to marry the groom’s sister. But this ‘riwaj’ slashes her wings of freedom when the groom’s sister starts blackmailing her to fulfill her dark desires. What will be the fate of this bride?

        Garam Masala  (Pulse Prime App)

          One Night (RedPrime app)


          PalangTod Friend request (Ullu App)

          Story : Two young upbeat actresses cum roommates spend most of their time chatting with boys to spice up their struggling lives. One day an accidental friend request propels one roommate into a big role in a series leading insecurity in the mind of other.

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