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Primeshots complete WebSeries with actress name list

When we talk about Bold Web Series, Prime shots has gained a lot of popularity in 2021. This platform is providing erotic content for the youth audience of India. It has among hottest uncut webs shows in genre of Romance, Fantasy, Crime, Drama, comedy and parody of best show and movies originals download list .

Here we are mentioning all the Top Primeshots premium download uncut version free Hot Web Series list which you should not miss from 2021.

Table of Content (toc)

Online Bhabhi (Actress: Deepti, Deepika Kudtarkar)

Deal (Actress: Neha Gupta)

Shaadi (Actress: Shikha Sinha)

Aatma (Actress: Aliya Naaz, Dipika Kudtarker)

Chitthi (Actress: Sofia Shaikh)

Khilona (Actress: Deepika kudtarkar, Anita Jaiswal)

Kaamwali (Actress: Deepika kudtarkar)

Diary (Actress: Avshii thakur)

Nazuk (Actress: Alendra Bill)

Akeli (Actress: Jinnie jazz)

Mr Teacher (Actress: Shyna Khatri, Manpreet Sandhu aka Teri Nakhro)

Storyline : This is the story of a married couple who live in a house. The husband doesn’t fully satisfy his wife, and because of this, the wife has an affair.

Manchaha (Actress: Deepika kudtarkar)

Harami (Actress: Shyna khatri, Neha Gupta)

Naukari (Actress: Shyna khatri, Aliya Naaz)

Chapa (Actress: Alendra Bill, Neha Gupta)

Kaam Tamam (Actress: Dipika kudtarkar)

Fevicool (Actress: Aliya Naaz)

Chupan Chupai (Actress: Hiral radadiya)

Chaska (Actress: Pooja poddar, Aliya Naaz)

Sui (Actress: Alendra Bill)

Ghonchu (Actress: Neha Gupta)

Adla Badli (Actress: Zoey thakur, Noor Malabika)

Kaam Purush Season 2 (Actress: Shayana Khatri, Aliya Naaz, Pihu Sharma)

Lady Doctor (Actress: Shyna khatri, Zoey thakur)

Andha Dhundh Season 2 (Actress: Aliya Naaz)

Kaam Purush (Actress: Shayana Khatri, Aliya Naaz, Pihu Sharma)

LSD Love S€x Dhokha (Actress: Palak singh)

Mrs Teacher Season 3 (Actress: Aliya Naaz)

Gayab (Actress: Palak Singh)

Bhasad (Actress: Aliya Naaz)

GUPT GYAANI (Actress: Ayesha Kapoor)

Bahu Jaan Season 2  (Actress: Aliya Naaz)

Pyada (Actress: Palak singh)

Bidi (Actress: Jaya Pandey)

Saali Gharwali (Actress: Aliya naaz)

Raveena (Actress: Rutuja Sawant)

Story : Raveena is the story of vanshika, who lives together with her single mom, Raveena. At some point vanshika goes to her buddy’s home to occasion. Vanshika’s mother additionally comes…

Chupi Rustam (Actress: Aayushi Jaiswal)

Mrs Teacher season 2 (Actress: Aliya Naaz, Ayesha Kapoor)

Shaukeen Uncle (Actress: Aliya Naaz)

Malkin Bhabi (Actress: Hiral Radadiya)

Nalayak (Actress: Natasha Rajeshwari)

Santushti (Actress: Ayesha Kapoor)

Shilajit (Actress: Pallavi debnath)

Blackmail (Actress: Ayesha Kapoor)

Andha Dhundh (Actress: Aliya Naaz)

Thappa (Actress: Pallavi debnath)

Kiss Miss (Actress: Ayesha Kapoor)

Seal 4 (Actress: Ayesha Kapoor, Aliya Naaz, Neha mandal)

Haye Garmi (Actress: Aaditi kohli)

AC Ki Taisi (Actress: Pallavi Debnath)

Bahu Jaan (Actress: Aliya Naaz)

Vaishya (Actress: Ayesha Kapoor)

Kunwara (Actress: Vandana Seth)

Mrs Teacher (ActressAliya Naaz, Simran)

Dil Do (Actress: Ayesha Kapoor)

    Jhol (Actress: Ayesha Kapoor, Ekta more)

    Siyapa (Actress: Ayesha Kapoor, Simran khan)

    Gilli Jhilli (Actress: Pooja dey)

    Girlfriend (Actress: Pooja dey, Swapnali tayade)

    Seal 2 (Actress: Ayesha Kapoor)

    Farzi Kaka (Actress: Anupama prakash)

    Flatmates (Actress: Moni Saikia)

    Mehandi (Actress: Pinkimoni)

    Tapa Tap (Actress: Kirti Swarnkar, Shweta Ghosh)

    Storyline :- An unsatisfied husband decides to spice up his sex life by inviting another married couple for dinner where things take an unexpected turn.

    Shukranu (Actress: Simran khan)

    Storyline :- Rahul, a happily married guy, is not happy with his own skin colour, when the time comes to plan for a baby, the couple decides to do something unorthodox to have a fair baby. 

    Blue Tick (Actress: Simran khan)

    Storyline :- The plot of the Blue Tick web series revolves around a young model who wants to become a big actress and she wants to get blue tick on her Instagram profile. However, it becomes hugely difficult to get the blue tick on Instagram. She meets a man who assures her to get blue tick verified on Instagram. But she needs to make physical relation with the man. What happens next whether she gets verified on Instagram or not. You need to watch the Blue Tick web series online to find it out..

    Ashleel (Actress: Shefali Bamangaya, Pooja Dhakak)

    Family Strokes 2 (Actress: Sharanya Jeet Kaur, Poonam Walia)

    Family Strokes (Actress: Aayesha Kapoor, Piya Verma)

    Seal (Actress: Pratibha Joshi, Sharanya Jeet Kaur)


    Jaanleva Pyar (Actress: Vandana seth)

    Sinner Love (Actress: Mridula Mahajan)

    Surprise (Actress: Vandana seth)

    Storyline :- A desperate “jugadu” boy tries to impress his “demanding” girlfriend. He decides to give her a surprise but that surprise turns out to be a twist in the tale.

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