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Rajsi verma complete bold webseries list

Rajsi verma is an Indian adult webseries actress. She appears mainly in hot hindi Web series. Rajsi continues to be the subject of discussion due to her bold avatar in her all short video scenes. She is also known for her naughty and Beautiful cute looks, her pictures and videos continue to be viral on social media.

Here we are mentioning all the 18+ full webseries originals name list Rajsi verma from various live video app platforms with every parts episode version list for watching it online for free without premium subscription account.

Table of Content (toc)

Bijili (Mangotv App)

Pyaas (Dreamsfilms App)

Chull Dhulai (Kooku App)

Love Guru Season 2 (Ullu App)

Storyline : Nidhi introduces Rohan, her boyfriend to her mother, Mallika. But, when Mallika meets Rohan, she also falls for him. And out of guilt she rejects Rohan. Now, Mallika is in shambles, between her sexual desieres and the motherly responsibilities, until she decides to call Love Guru and ask his help to get out of such convoluted situation.

Mistake (Bigmoviezoo app)

Storyline : This story is about a married couple who are leading a happy life. But something happens in his life, due to which he wants to find a good man for his wife and get married. Does he know

Gulabo ( Voovi  App )

Storyline : Gulabo is a dancer girl she became a tea seller in day time and night time dancing on stage to get client every one want get her and ready to pay any amount let she who will get her.

Boss X ( Moodx  App )

Pichese Season 2 ( Rabbitmovies App )

Storyline : A story of three boys who plan to have a threesome with some girls from the village they also succeed but when all three girls recognize that they all are the same who have raped them by cheating, then what’s the plan for their girls to trap all of them let’s see in the story.

Rocket ( DigimoviePlex App )

Palang Tod Damaad Ji season 2 ( Ullu App )

Story : Ranjana has secured her stay with Mohan for a longer time. Rakesh finds out about their secret affair and blackmails Mohan into having sex with Ranjana. What seemed a gesture of empathy, turns out to be a cunning ploy of events that neither Mohan nor Rakesh could’ve seen coming.

Tauba Tauba Charmsukh ( Ullu App )

Story : Which seemed like a picture perfect world of Vimla and Vijendra came to a halt when Vimla’s younger sister, Roopa came to live with them. Apparently Roopa starts lusting for Vijendra, she tries everything to make him hers, without realising that this fatal attraction can destroy everything and creat a ruckus in the relationships.

Mera Baap Teri Mausi ( DigimoviePlex App )

Call Boy ( Laddoo App )

Gulab Jamun ( Kooku App )

 : A story of Gulab Jamun and how this Gulab jamun is served with the blend of Love Potion. When own Family becomes a Competition in Life, it takes new twist and Turns with Each Gulab Jamun. lets See who wins.

Palang Tod Damaad Ji ( Ullu App )

Story : Mohan had to sit at home for a few days due to an injury caused by a minor accident. Since his wife Kumud also works, she invites her mother Ranjana to take care of Mohan, but while doing so, Ranjana gets close to Mohan, and her craving for him leads them to the path of distracting the meaning of relationships.

    Favorite Teacher ( HotMX App )

    Story : Modhumita Is A Very Qualified And Well-Educated Teacher, Currently She Is Facing Tough Competition From Her Rival Shiksha And Because Of Her She Is Losing Out On Students In Her Tuition Classes. Most Of Her Students Are Joining Shiksha’s Tuition Classes. Shiksha Is Known For Converting Duffer Students into Bright And Top Performers. Modhumita Is Curious To Know What Kind Of Techniques Shiksha Uses To Get Such a Success Rate.

    Barkha Bhabhi ( HotMX App )

    Story : In Just Two Months Of Their Marriage, Barkha’s Husband Ajay Has To Go Out Of Town For Office Work. Sexually Unsatisfied Barkha Has To.Make Some Important Choices And Accidentally Her Sister In Law Payal Becomes A Part Of It. Sometimes Its Not The Situation, But It Is The Way You Handle It And Both Payal And Barkha Are Forced To Do Something Different In Order To Handle Their Situation.

    Saas Bahu & Nri ( Ullu App )

    Story : When the sounds of steamy session of a newlywed reach the lonesome mother-in-law, she discovers various means to calm herself. The wife’s NRI brother acknowledges her need for love, but instead the wife ends up fulfilling the mother-in-laws temptations.

      Trishna (Cineprime app)

      Shaurya (Nuefliks App)

      Mystery (Nuefliks App)

      Double Dhamaka (Ullu app)

      Story : A lonely women’s fascination towards her nephew sparks a sensual chemistry between them. Even more exquisite was her sister indulgence in this sexual liaison. What will be the voyage of these extraordinary trio? Palang Tod – “DOUBLE DHAMAKA”

      KLPD Khade L*nd Pe Dhoka (HotMasti app)

      Story : Khade L*** Pe Dhoka is a erotic drama that features Rajsi Verma

      Sex Education (Ullu App)


      Story : A bizzare story on unconventional teaching by a mother, trying to upskill and educate her daughter on satisfying her husband on the first night. The only catch is that If the daughter is unable to perform, her mother will have to face the consequences. An action packed story “Sex Education” only on #Charmsukh.

        Light Off  (Hotty Naughty app)

        : This is the story of two friends who meet each other after many years in Bhopal, and both of them hold a party to refresh the memories of their old days and invite a girl to enjoy, what happens next, who is that girl and What are the dramatic turns in the party, see the light off

        Sautela Pyaar (Ullu App)

        Story : She meets a man full of life and decides to give love one more chance. Her daughter accepts it and all start to live happily together. Soon, the stepson arrives and create problems in the family for his greedy needs. Will the couple survive? How the daughter will handle the situation? Watch Charmsukh Sautela Pyaar for all the hidden secrets.

        Bhawri (Rajsi verma App)


        Nurse (Rajsi verma app)

        Biology Teacher (Rajsi verma App)

          Bollywood Dhoka (Rajsi verma app)


          Frustated wife (Rajsi verma App)


          Dark Lady (Rajsi verma App)

          Room (Escapenow App)

            Teasing (Escapenow app) 

             Bath Tub (Rajsi verma App)


            Shikari (Nuefliks App) 

            Mom And Daughter Charamsukh (Ullu app)

            Story : The plot of ‘Charm Sukh’ web series revolves around the story of a virgin girl and her boyfriend. The girl expresses her apprehensions about intercourse and the couple finally decides to do it. The twist in the tale arises when the girl’s mother gets intimately involved with the boy and the drama takes off from there. 

            Woh teacher (Kooku App)

            Story : Samar is a failure. His mother challenges his tuition teacher Vidya. While Vidya is frustrated with her own love life, she happens to find a Trick to lure Samar into focusing his attention to studies. Surprisingly, Samar not only passes but tops the entire class that too without copying. Because of this Vidya becomes Famous.

              Tuition teacher (Rajsi verma app)

              Bathroom series (Rajsi verma App)

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