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Bigmoivezoo app complete webseries list with actress name

 Bigmoviezoo app ott platform is providing erotic content for the youth audience of India. It has among hottest uncut webs shows in genre of Romance, Fantasy, Crime, Drama, comedy and parody of best show and movies originals download list .

Here we are mentioning all the Top Big movie zoo premium download uncut version free Hot Web Series list which you should not miss.

Table of Content (toc)

Tala (Actress: Ruks Khandagale)

Mistake (Actress: Rajsi Verma)

Storyline : This story is about a married couple who are leading a happy life. But something happens in his life, due to which he wants to find a good man for his wife and get married. Does he know

Chhi Chhora (Actress: Arshi Khan)

Storyline :- This story is about a boy who loves his neighbor very much. But that neighbor doesn’t even give her a price. Because of which that boy does such a thing, which should not be done, to know, watch Chhi Chora. 

Gup Chup NRI Client (Actress: Jinni jazz, Leena Singh)

Story : Why does 24-year-old Shweta fall into the passion of youth at 12 o’clock in the night? When all the three prongs of the needle point at twelve, then why does Shweta, who is crazy about beauty, become psycho? Every night she hunts young men, but why? Are you hungry for sex or is it something else? View… NRI Client

Maal Paani Sexy Sauda (Actress: Ruks khandagale aka Rukmani, Soniya jha)

Maal Paani Andha Sasur (Actress: Ruks khandagale, Pallavi debnath)

Storyline : This story is about a father-in-law who becomes blind and does dirty work with his own daughter-in-law. One day the second daughter-in-law comes to know that Babu ji sees everything, to know what happens after this, watch the blind father-in-law…

Maanglik (Actress: Khushi Naik, Vinny Singh, Daksha Dhirubhai Vandra)

Storyline : This story is about a beautiful girl who is suffering from Manglik Dosh. Who does something at the behest of a pandit, due to which his life becomes better than hell, see Manglik to know...

Chakori (Actress: Pooja Singh aka Pihu Jaiswal, Pooja Anand)

Storyline : The first ray of the morning went out to sell milk and became the lover of the owner. Breaking the relationship by creating a web of beauty, Chakori became the wound of every heart.

Chatur Naar (Actress: Pooja Naik, Pooja Anand)

Storyline : Whom did you love the most, gave everything! Breaking trust, he did the business of relationships! Diya dhoka and did back attack, look at the clever man!

Ghutan (Actress: Pooja Naik, Vanya Singh rajput)

Storyline : When there is a new beginning of relationships, it becomes a network, when even breathing is difficult, the whole place feels like suffocation.

Jeeja Ka Junoon (Actress: Pooja Naik, Pooja Anand)

Storyline : Someone’s boat is stuck in the vortex of desires, what will be the result, when a swap will be played in love? “Father’s Passion”

Tailor Master (ActressRitika Ansari, Sanjana Nidhi)

Storyline : This story is of a famous tailor master, who has captivated everyone with his art. For a day, he entrusts all his work to his son, to know what happens after that, watch Taylor Master...

Home Alone (Actress: Ritika Ansari, Preeti puneet Kaur, Sanjana)

Storyline : Home Alone is the story of such a loving couple, who love each other very much but the boy does not know to give the girl the happiness that she wants, see this story to know what the girl does....

Landlord (Actress: Shalini Pandey, Sana Khan Sundi)

Storyline : This story is about a house-mistress, who traps her own tenant in the trap of her love and begins with her, watch this story to know the emotional torture of lust and love…

    Asli Sukh Dhokha (Actress: Garima maurya)

    Resticate (Actress: Shalini Pandey)

    Storyline : What happened when you have been reactivated from your college without any mistake due to some mischievous intentions of a higher position man and to save you from that restication your loved one has to pay a big cost at the name of her body…

    Rocking Dad (Actress: Ritika Ansari)

    Storyline : This story is about a father who gets so engrossed in his fun, and when that limit of the relationship breaks, he does not even know himself, due to which the sacred relationship of a father and son is broken. To know, watch Rocking Dad…

    Asli Sukh Old Love (Actress: Neetu Singh, Nidhi Yadav)

    Storyline : Taking one’s lust to the extreme limit is the real happiness, to the one who thinks that this story makes us aware of the truth. After all, what happens, watch this story to know…

    Beautiful House Maid (Actress: Simran Kaur, Preeti puneet Kaur)

    Storyline : This story is about a boy, who takes such a step after coming in the words of his friends, due to which he loses his true love, to know, watch Beautiful House Made ...

    Asli Sukh Love Latter (Actress: Mahi Kaur, Nidhi Yadav, Aafrin Khan) 

    Storyline : Taking one’s lust to the extreme limit is the real happiness, to the one who thinks that this story makes us aware of the truth. After all, what happens, watch this story to know…

    Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Akeli Hai (Actress: Sana Khan sundi, Shalini Panday)

    Storyline : A sex addicted girl, forgetting her limitations, does all that is beyond the rules of society.. to what extent lust can take a person, you will see in this story...

    I Am Sorry Teacher (Actress: Noor Malabika Das, Roshani Kumari)

    Storyline : A story where there is no limit to the limit, if anything, it is a fuzzy world filled with lust, greed and ever-changing feelings. Watch this story to know the story of guru and disciple’s relationship.

    Asli Sukh Dostana (Actress: Mahi Kaur, Aafrin Khan)

    Storyline :Taking one’s lust to the extreme limit is the real happiness, to the one who thinks that this story makes us aware of the truth. After all, what happens like this, watch this story to know…

    Saali Aadhi Gharwali (Actress: Roshani Kumari, Noor Malabika Das)

    Storyline : Embarrassing the dignity of relationships, this story weaves such a web of lust, where one sister destroys another sister's house. Watch this story to know what happens after all...

    Gupt Gyan Napunsakta (Actress: Mahi Kaur, Sharanya jit kaur, Ayesha Pathan)

    Storyline : This story is of a person who wants to do a lot in his life, but due to physical problem, he is not able to be happy, then he gets the solution of that problem, and his life changes, watch to know Secret knowledge.

    Laila Salim Rangila (Actress: Garima Maurya)

    Storyline : This story is about such a beautiful and cunning girl, who makes such a greedy person her victim and takes away everything from her. To know, watch the story of Laila's Salim Rangeela...

    Asli Sukh Sister Boyfriend (Actress: Aafrin Khan, Neetu Kohli)

    Storyline : Taking your lust to the extreme is the real happiness, let’s see what she does to get her sister’s lover…

    Gupt Gyan Lesbian (Actress: Sharanya Jit Kaur, Mahi Kaur, Garima Maurya)

    Storyline : This story is about a loving couple, who have an unrequited love, but due to physical problem, both of them are not able to be happy with each other, then they find a solution to that problem, and their life changes, knowing For the secret knowledge see....

    Asli Sukh Padosan Se Pyaar (Actress: Garima Maurya, Nidhi yadav)

    Storyline : The real happiness is to take your lust to the extreme limit, let's see what a neighbor does to get his neighbor.

    Laila Private Detective (Actress: Garima Maurya)

    Storyline : This story is of such a beautiful and clever girl, who does not even know the people who fall in the trap and loots her everything. To know, see Laila’s story Private Detective …

    Laila Businessman (Actress: Garima Maurya) 

    Storyline : This story is of such a beautiful and clever girl, who makes one such businessman a victim and takes away everything. See Laila’s story to know.

    Gupt Gyan Swapndosh (Actress: Sharanjit Kaur, Ayesha Pathan)

    Storyline : This story is about a loving couple who have unmatched love, but due to physical problem, a storm arises between them, due to which their way of breaking their way, then they get a solution to that problem. What is the solution that changes their life, see secret knowledge to know …

    Asli Sukh Photographer (Actress: Garima Maurya, Aafrin Khan) 

    Storyline : Taking your lust to the extreme is the only real pleasure. This story of a photographer who understands this makes us aware of that truth of life, where only the ruins come in the part. After all, see this story to know what happens …

    Gupt Gyan Shighrapatan (Actress: Sharanjit Kaur, Ayesha Pathan) 

    Storyline : This story is about a loving couple who have unmatched love, but due to physical problem, a storm arises between the two, due to which their way of breaking their way, then they get a solution to that problem. What is the solution, see secret knowledge to know…

    Asli Sukh Sautela Baap (Actress: Garima Maurya, Mahi kaur) 

    Storyline : Real happiness is a story in which everyone is willing to go to any extent to get real happiness, let’s see who gets real happiness, and who does what and what to get real happiness.

    Asli Sukh (Actress: Garima Maurya) 

    Storyline : ASLI SUKH is the story of a husband who wants to keep his wife happy in every situation! But when he fails to give ASLI SUKH, then he keeps a driver who makes his wife get ASLI SUKH!

    Laila (Actress: Garima Maurya) 

    Raat Ki Rani Begum Jaan (Actress: Arshi Khan, Mandeep Kaur) 

    Storyline : In the market of gism, this story of emotions being sold everyday, will make you think that there are two faces in the rest of this society. Where people do not like to talk in the daylight, they cross the limits to make the nights colorful in the glare of the night. Watch this story to solve this riddle full of love, deceit, and lust …

    Mamaji (Actress: Isha Shakya, Mandeep Kaur) 

    Storyline : This story, which shames the dignity of the relationship, weaves a web of lust where an innocent becomes a victim of slander and death without any offense. After all, to see what happens, see this story…

    Budhape Ka Pyaar (Actress: Niharika Sharma) 

    Storyline : The story is about a businessman who is drunk with money and suffering from loneliness, whose love for life comes from a storm, and his happy life goes on to devastate…

    Bhootiya Ghar (Actress: Isha Shakya) 

    Storyline : The ghostly house, the soul burning in the fire of the Havas, makes its prey to such innocence that they don’t feel like an untoward, and when reality comes to them, they are trapped in a place where they only know death. Watch this story to learn…

    Hostel (Actress: Myra Singh Rajput, Isha Shakya) 

    Storyline : This story is about a couple who captures their delicate moments on camera, and then succumbs to something untoward that would probably end with a terrible death. After all, to see what happens, see this story…

    Maa Ka Ladala Bigad Gaya (Actress: Milita Gore) 

    Storyline : Mother’s love is beyond the rules of nature, a love affair, which stirs the faith of how many .. Know what happens, see this story

    Rubi Star (Actress: Ayesha Pathan, Shalini Gupta, Mandeep Kaur) 

    Storyline : Ruby Star is a nagina who knew very well what her price is. So beyond the looks of the world, dazzling and lustful, she achieves her place with simplicity, see what the Ruby Star story is.

    Gym Teacher (Actress: Garima Maurya, Shalini Gupta) 

    Storyline : This story of relationships, trapped in the vortex of sex, gives rise to a crime that destroys relationships, lives as well as lives. See this story to know what happens next.

    Pyaar Ka Koi Rang Nahi (Actress: Pallavi vawale, Milita Gore) 

    Storyline : There is no color of love, this story of love buried between bestial pain and pain seems very colorless. Then one day a color comes in their life, and makes life beautiful, see this story to know what color it is .

    Shadi Se Pehle Ding Dong (Actress: Ayesha Pathan, Mandeep Kaur) 

     : Before marriage, an innocent life trapped in the vortex of ding dong relationship, whose realization was probably dead, but a friend comes into his life as a support for the drowning straw, and changes the meaning of his life!

    Ye Kaisa Sukun (Actress: Pallavi Vawale) 

    Storyline : Storyline
    When Asha does not get real love from her husband, then she decided to leave the house, then what does her father-in-law do that Asha changes their decision.

    Aiyash Pati (Actress: Garima Maurya, Ayesha Pathan, Milita Gore, Arya pandey) 

    Storyline : Aiyash PATI is a story of a husband who hook up with his every maid and wife’s friend, then what does his wife do to teach him lesson..

    Khoon Bhari Maang (Actress: Ayesha Pathan) 

    Storyline : Khoon Bhari Maang is the story of an Aceh couple, who love each other immensely and want to get married too, but something happens that causes the two to separate !!

    Malkin (Actress: Garima Maurya) 

    Storyline : A unique story of sex, lust, deception and revenge that makes you think !!

    Puppy Love (Actress: Rinky Singh, Swati Shepherd) 

    Storyline : This story tells the truth of the world of appearance, in which people waste their whole life in the pursuit of making others equal, in the end they are left with nothing but remorse.

    Tikadam Baaz (Actress: Naina Shetty, Palak Khan, Shreya kumari sah) 

    Storyline : 3 Manchale Doston Ki Kahani jo apne Tikadam Baazi me fans jate hai Musibat ke jaal me Tikadam Baaz (तिकड़म बाज) is a Sex-Comedy web series, the story of 3 Idiots friends who try to fulfill their sexual desire and do get into trouble.

    Mary Aur Marlow (Actress: Arshi Khan Sharanya jit kaur) 

    Storyline : A romantic comedy series starring Arshi Khan and Akshay Mishra. Directed by Anirudh Kumar, the series revolves around two romantic couple Mary Aur Marlow.

    Killer (Actress: Naina Shetty, Palak Khan) 

    Storyline : The story of a man who, unknowingly, became a heartless murderer from Aashiq, and began to find pain, death a fun game. After all, what happened to him, see to know …

    Target (Actress: Shreya kumari sah) 

    Storyline : This story is of a web woven with youth and beauty, in which the trapped person does not even know that his life is going to be destroyed. To know about that beautiful problem, see Target …

    Paap (Actress: Mandeep Kaur, Shreya kumari sah) 

    Storyline : Relation between father and son cannot be explained, but what happens when an outsider envades and turns the entire scenario into worst events of there life.

    Jism Ka Sauda (Actress: Shalni Singh, Lopa Mudra, Kushi Kem) 

    Storyline : This story of the physical deal behind the glare of Mumbai tells a dark truth where the victims are not only girls but also boys.

    Sattebaaz (Actress: Mandeep Kaur, Sapna Prasad, Kusum Kumari Singh) 

    Storyline : You will see in this story how the human becomes blind in the gluttony and betting swamp of Glamor World, where greed increases so much that their relationship is only at stake …

    Tuition Teacher (Actress: Khushi kem, Monika Bhargava) 

    Storyline : This story, tainted by the disciple’s culinary relationship, wrapped in deceit and lust, gets caught in a swamp of crime where two innocent lives are completely ruined and ruined.

    Rooh (Actress: Mandeep Kaur) 

    Storyline : This story is about a married couple, between whom, due to some mistake, a cruel soul is born, which causes painful death to those who pass through there...

    Sales Girl (Actress: Sapna Prasad, Bandana Ghosh) 

    Storyline : This is a heart-wrenching tale of a boy’s innocence, innocence, and unfaithful love, where the boy is fascinated by the beauty of the girl and places her in his home. But he does not know that the joy of a moment of lust will force him to commit suicide.

    Nasha (Actress: Bandana Ghosh, Shalini Pandey) 

    Storyline : Nature of Physical Needs Differs from Person to Person, how things work in the world of Fantasy. Dark Reality Behind the Bright City Lights. See the Story to Feel the Emotions…

    Galti (Actress: Meenu bhagat aka minal minu) 

    Storyline : A story of a life of Girls where her past haunts her, Little Mistakes made in Past stands in Present Killing the Future. How MMS turns life of Several. See the Story Unwind.

    Pinky Massage Parlour (Actress: Bandana Ghosh, Anjali Singh, Meenu bhagat aka minal minu) 

    Storyline : The mystery of a parlor, where business turns into a love floor, and then begins the journey leading to lust, crime, and remorse, bringing the client from love to back to zero …

    Red Light (Actress: Shalini Sahay / Niva) 

    Storyline : This story, exposing the hideous truth of anger, deceit and lust, brings the heroine to the stage, whose end is only death, as well as many innocent lives trapped in that terrible bog, whose imagination will also haunt the heart…

    Beintehaa (Actress: Shalini Pandey, Diksha Jha) 

    Storyline : This story is about a couple exposing the dark truth of relationships. In which the boy indulging in lust betrays the girl. Due to which the girl takes a step which hurts the world of her beautiful dreams. It would have pushed him into the fire of hell, whose imagination would also haunt the heart.

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