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DigimoviePlex complete webseries list with actress name

DigimoviePlex app platform is providing erotic content for the youth audience of India. It has among hottest uncut webs shows in genre of Romance, Fantasy, Crime, Drama, comedy and parody of best show and movies originals download list .
Here we are mentioning all the Top DigimoviePlex movies exclusive premium download uncut version free Hot Web Series list which you should not miss.

Table of Content (toc)

Local Doctor (Actress: Pooja Poddar, Ruks khandagle)

61-62 Blackmail (Actress: Shyna khatri, Olga Sharova)

61-62 Jara Dhire Dhire (Actress: Bharti jha, Anita jaiswal)

61-62 Online Romance (Actress: Leena Singh, Natasha rajeshwari)

Aandar baahar Kalpana (Actress: Ruks khandagle, Sona singh)

Luv Story (Actress: Jina tarafder)

61-62 Bunty babli (Actress: Aayushi jaiswal, Neha Gupta)

61-62 Prem Leela (Actress: Sarita Kamal Warsi aka Soni Jha, Manisha Yadav)

Aandar baahar Dr Lily (Actress: Ankita aka Pooja Singh, Reena Tomar, Arpita Das)

Aandar baahar Saart (Actress: Soniya Jha, Priyanka Biswas)

61-62 Sachchi Saheli (Actress: Soni Jha aka Sarita Kamal warsi, Jayshree Gaikwad)

Storyline : Husband and wife were living happily,their sex life was also going good but wife wants her husband to have sex with another girl.so she invites her friend Maya and then starts planning to meet the two to be continued

61-62 Teacher (Actress: Suhana Khan, Mahi Kaur)

Story : Shanya is a college going student.she stays with her elder sister and brother-in-law.She has a crush on her college teacher…

61-62 Rocket (Actress: Rajsi verma, Leena Singh, Pihu singh)

Story : This story is based on a boy whose name is ROCKET , He works as a servant for obligation of his house but the family where he worked they take advantage of that and do what they want to do with him , So let see how he mange this ..

61-62 Pyar Ki Tadap (Actress: Ritu Pandey, Jinnie jazz)

Story :- The cruelty of destiny being undone by the ingenuity of the common housewives. Meet two women joined by fate and a common desire, to fulfill every thirst, whatever it takes. 

61-62 Babu Ji Ghar Pe Hain (Actress: Ridhima Tiwari aka Natasha Rajeshwari, Ruks Khandagale)

:- Sex, Nudity, Language (web e) A father who can’t see much. A son who doesn’t want to see anything. A wife who has witnessed something mind-boggling. A maid who will get everything and more. A story of seeing and being unseen. 

61-62 Adla Badli (Actress: Hiral Radadiya, Neha Gupta)

Story : The story is based on two loveable couples, the first couple is Pelu & Jatuniya and the second couple is Rocky & Pallavi. They love each other and was enjoying their intimacy, but somehow both the couples were not satisfied with each other. The couples make a plan to fulfil their physical desires & passion. Rocky invited Pelu at his place and then the game begins of ADLA BADLI to get ultimate satisfaction.

61-62 Mera baap Teri mausi (Actress: Mishti Basu, Rajsi verma)

Story : This story is based on an old man whose wife passed away many year ago , now the old man need a woman to satisfy his phisical's desires but how will he get that ? So he silently saw his daughter in- law and son during sex and satisfied him by doing masturbation . One day his son and daughter in law come to know everything about father in law desire , so his daughter in law ask her relative Aunt to come and stay with them .

61-62 Pyasi Pushpa (Actress: Aayushi Jaiswal)

Story : A widow woman Pushpa got second marriage for survival, but her husband Pritam is not good performer in bed. One day Pushpa noticed her teenager step son keeps watching in her bed room. Pushpa tried to get satisfaction from her husband Pritam, but it does not work out, finally Pushpa shifts her focus on her stepson Titu, After some struggle she grabs Titu to fulfil her sexual needs. But one day when Pushpa was having sex in the absence of Pritam, Pritam came back home suddenly.

61-62 Laila O Laila (Actress: Ruks Khandagale, Muskan Agarwal)

Story : ACP hires a call girl Kajal for a sting operation against Drug Mafia Gang lady “Laila”. But Laila gives her drug and wants to do sex with her because she is a Lesbian. When ACP comes to know about all these by hidden camera in room, he hires one more investigator Kartik for this Mission. When Laila meets Kartik she has a doubt on him, so she gives him drugs and ask for a threesome with her and Kajal.

Naughty Game (Actress: Bipasha saha)

Story : This story shows a young man and a young woman going to stay in a hotel for two days. In the absence of the young man with the manager of that hotel, the young woman has a physical relationship. The young man looks up and demands a lot of money from the manager. At the end of the story, it is seen that Husband and wife make a lot of money by hanging people.

The Last Lust (Actress: Various artists)

Story : Raktim a teenager collage student who lost his parents in childhood stays with his only brother Arjun and sister in law Seema happily, Sudden erotical incident attracted him to Seema and started fantasized about her and at last proposed to make love with her but get slapped, Seema unable to present the situation to Arjun who loves Raktim more than his own son, Seema decided to surrender in front of Raktim and then finish her life, Raktim finds the face of his mother in Seema while in mood to get close to her and cried in realising his devil thoughts.

Mohini (Actress: Sheena Chakraborty, Trisha Sarkar)

Story : Mohini a middle age woman lives with her husband. But their married life is not very happy. One day a young independent woman enters in this family as a paying guest. That young girl is a bisexual and Mohini feels a new ray of hope from that young girl who teaches her the new dimension of life. But somehow Mohini becomes confuse, what she is doing...is it right or wrong??

Missing Link (Actress: Various artists)

Story : It's a story of a lonely teenage girl who always feels there is someone who cares, loves and gives all kind of affection and fantasy whenever she wants even sexually, though she has a boyfriend. Missing link creates a parallel relationship between an existing and non existing bodies into an one soul.

Kulfi (Actress: Sucharita bhattacharya)

Story : Priya is a prostitute. Rohit a regular customer of Priya fell in love with her. Priya's broker Santosh didn't take it normally. He was not ready to accept the affair of Priya and Rohit. Priya even married Rohit. But things started to change.

    Dirty Trap (Actress: Moushumi, Moumita bhattacharya Sanyal)

    Story : In this story, her stepmother deliberately creates a physical relationship with the girl's boyfriend. They were caught by the girl . At the end of the story, we can see the step mother and daughter together make money by hanging boys.

    The Lust Game (Actress: Saheli Maitra)

    Story : Archana is a maid servant. On a fine day when her employer’s house was empty she brought her lover to her employer’s house to spend some quality time. Their love making moments were caught on a hidden camera. Using these footages her employer started blackmailing her. The man forcefully indulge himself into sexual and erotic activities with her.

    Gandu Dhar (Actress: Ushasi Ghosh, Swarupa Ghosh)

    Tadap (Actress: Divya Mitra)

    Story : A love triangle and urge of possessiveness and lust tends to blackmailing the beloved. The story reveals the suspense either love is snatched or ditched or .....?

    Poison (Actress: Soniya)

    Story : It's a short movie on an well known Painter Dev, who thinks himself as creator rather good. He feels all his models are just like dolls, he wants to play with them the way he need to. Physically, psychologically Dev wants to rule on his models. Servant Anup knew everything, he saw all the sins made by his master Dev. He wanted to stop Dev permanently. Anup brings his own daughter to take revenge on behalf of all the models who were molested by Dev. How? To know it you must watch "POISON".

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