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Eightshots app complete webseries list with actress name

Eightshots Exclusive app platform is providing erotic content for the youth audience of India. It has among hottest uncut webs shows in genre of Romance, Fantasy, Crime, Drama, comedy and parody of best show and movies originals download list .

Here we are mentioning all the Top Eightshots 8flix movies exclusive premium download uncut version free Hot Web Series list which you should not miss.

Table of Content (toc)

Khandar ke Paas (Actress: Amesha, Sreemoyee Mukherjee)

Story : This is a story of a spirits and her revenge against every unfaithful man who cheats to their wife for another girl.

BonFire Uncut (Actress: Jyoti Mishra)

Truth or Dare Uncut (Actress: Natasha bhattacharya, Jyoti Ghosh, Srabani Khatun)

Tuition Girl Uncut (Actress: Ruma das)

Srabani Mega Fashion (Actress: Srabani Khatun)

Kotha Uncut (Actress: Srabani, Sudipa)

Interview Uncut  (Actress: Tina nandy)

Awesome Threesome Uncut (Actress: Srabani Khatun)

    Point of View Uncut (Actress: Srabani Khatun)

    Sensual Desire 4 (Actress: Sreemoyee Mukherjee)

    Morning Romance Uncut (Actress: Sudipa)

    The Bumboy UNCUT (Actress: Menaka)

    Story : One rich man expects a call girl and a gay visits his home , it is really interesting to watch how they both buld up their chemestry.

    Hardsome (Actress: Jyoti Ghosh, Ruma das)

    Passionate Love Uncut (Actress: Jyoti Mishra, Ruma das)

    Trinity UNCUT (Actress: Jyoti Mishra)

    Sensual Desire 3 (Actress: Natasha bhattacharya)

    Gameplay (Actress: Srabani Khatun, Jyoti Ghosh)

    TinaSutra (Actress: Tina nandy)

    Sex In The Car Uncut (Actress: Ruma das)

    Sensual Desire 2 (Actress: Jyoti Ghosh)

    Camgirl Uncut (Actress: Ruma)

    The Stranger (Actress: Srabani Khatun)

    Ameesha Fashion Shoot (Actress: Amesha)


    The Friends (Actress: Sukanya mukherjee, Mou)

    Story : The Friends is a story of three best friends and their bisexual habits.

    The Psycho (Actress: Tina nandy, Bipasa saha, Papia, Rozi)

    Srabani Fashion (Actress: Srabani Khatun)

    Casual Relationship 3 (Actress: Sukanya mukherjee)

    Casual Relationship Orgy (Actress: Bipasha saha, Sukanya mukherjee, Sreemoyee)

    Casual Relationship (Actress: Bipasha saha)

    Modern Wives (Actress: Bipasha saha, Papia)

    Sensual Desire (Actress: Bebo)

    Kamini (Actress: Shree, Tina nandy)

    Story : This story is about a simple man “Pritam” who has a peculiar habit of jerking off even after his married. Pritam loves his wife most but he can’t control his habit and that’s why Pritam’s wife often get irritate by his habit. Pritam is unware that his peculiar habit is not actually his habit but it is a curse of Kamini.

    Who’s your Favourite (Actress: Bipasa Saha, Papia, Priyanka, Bebo)

    Story : This ain’t a compition, This is to know who do you like most them all Super Hot Babes.

    Tharki Sir (Actress: Tina nandy, Rahi sahoo, Rozi, Sukanya) 

    Story : This story about a Karate teacher and his students.

    Bipasa & Papia Dual Fashion (Actress: Bipasha saha, Papia)

    Apnale Tu Mujhe (Actress: Bebo)

    Wild Cat Priyanka Fashion Shoot (Actress: Priyanka bose)

    Story : Wild Cat Priyanka is Priyanka’s latest fashion solo shoot with her all new avatar in Digital Fashion World of Entertainment.

    Bebo Wedding (Actress: Bebo)

    Kaamwali Bai (Actress: Rahi sahoo)

    Tina Sensual Fashion Shoot (Actress: Tina nandy)

    Story : Presenting Tina and Sumit , your favourite couple is here in Eightshots House to entertain you in a sensual fashion Shoot.

    WildCat Bebo Fashion Shoot (Actress: Bebo)

    Bebo Solo Fashion (Actress: Bebo)

    MasterMind (Actress: Sucharita bhattacharya, Tina nandy)

    Story : Mysterious story of a perfect game plan..

    Bhabhi Garam (Actress: Dolon Majumder)

    Story : This is a story of three people, Husband, wife and Dewar . The story of a house wife who loves her husband very much but her husband always neglects her but her dewar who is her husband’s look a like brother , wants to sleep with his bhabhi . This story shows the journey of a house wife how her heart breaks and start affairs with her dewar.

    Bebo Fashion Unhidden (Actress: Bebo)

    Sexy Dolly (Actress: Priyanka bose, Sucharita bhattacharya)

    Story : This is the story of a Mother in law ” Sexy Dolly ” who seeks passionate love with her daughter’s husband.

    The Servant (Actress: Priyanka bose)

    Story : This story is about a servant and a malkin. watch the movie how a malkin harass an innocent servant.

    Madam Chalbaaz (Actress: Ushashi Ghosh)

    Story : Madam chalbaaz is a story of a lonely women who always looking for a chance to intimate with any boy.

    Dirty Stories (Actress: Priyanka bose, Jiya, Menaka, Sanchita, Ushashi Ghosh)

    Story : This is a story of a car driver who travels alone, one day he meets a unknown girl on his journey and she starts telling sexy stories. watch what is going to happen next with the driver.

    Girlfriends MMS (Actress: Priyanka bose)

    Story : One day a girl comes to his boy friend’s house to spend quality of time without knowing that it is her boy friend’s trap to record a MMS. This is a genuine story about a girl who loves a boy blindly without knowing his criminal mind.

    Fashinable Priyanka Show (Actress: Priyanka bose)

    Story : Watch Priyanka’s fashion shoot done for EightShots.

    Ek Raat Kii Dulhan (Actress: Priyanka bose)

    Bengali Bala (Actress: Jyoti Mishra)

    The Bungalow (Actress: Srabani, Papia, Sucharita bhattacharya)

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