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Feelit app complete webseries list with actress name

Feelit app platform is providing erotic content for the youth audience of India. It has among hottest uncut webs shows in genre of Romance, Fantasy, Crime, Drama, comedy and parody of best show and movies originals download list .
Here we are mentioning all the Top Feelit movies exclusive premium download uncut version free Hot Web Series list which you should not miss.

Table of Content (toc)

Best Friend (Actress: Pallavi debnath)

Pizza (Actress: Ruby Ahmed)

Happy Birthday (Actress: Aliya naaz)

Tigdambaaz 2 (Actress: Ayesha Kapoor, Priya Mishra)

Tigdambaaz (Actress: Priya Mishra)

Storyline :- This story is about three friends. Who take room on rent in a house. Whose owner is a beautiful girl.These three boys make plans to get that beautiful girl. But something happens with this that all three of them decide to run away from that house .And they have a lot of fun in this running, this is shown in this story. 

Meri Pyari Sonu (Actress: Ayesha Kapoor)

Kalakar 2 (Actress: Priya Mishra)

Exchange (Actress: Priyanjali Thakur, Kajal Tiwari)

Kalakar (Actress: Ayesha Kapoor, Kajal Tiwari)

Storyline :- This story is about an artist .Who is mentally ill.Who lives his imagination world .He thought that .Whosoever sketch is made, bow is in front of him.he thinks there is power in his art ,while the reality is something else ,that story is all about the artist imagination ill.

Wrong Invitation (Actress: Shrutika Rathod, Radhika Chauhan, Sumi Baghel)

Storyline :- This story is about five friends, who are college students. One night all these friends decide that we all play a game and talk to a spirit by calling them, they did not know how this game will change their life After this game, what would have happened to them that night, this story is about this.

Papa Ki Pari (Actress: Kalyani Kumari, Hazel Arora, Himakshi Borah, Razia Khanam)

Storyline :- Anjali, Sultana and Alisha, the three girls keep on robbing the boys in different ways by fooling them to live their life comfortably. But luck also throws its dice one day and all three unluckyly unwillingly fall prey to such an incident, due to which they have to give it to take it and the false pride which they considered as the mirror of their life was shattered. It falls behind them to tell them their real reality. Means, fill it as you do.

    Kamini 803 (Actress: Hazel Arora, Kajal Tiwari)

    Storyline :- Can inanimate objects be haunted? Can a spirit attach itself to a particular thing and then cause unexplained events to occur around it?it is based on a paranormal painting.

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