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Neonx app complete webseries list with actress name

 Neonx app is providing erotic content for the youth audience of India. It has among hottest uncut webs shows in genre of Romance, Fantasy, Crime, Drama, comedy and parody of best show and movies originals download list .
Here we are mentioning all the Top Neonx movies app premium download uncut version free Hot Web Series list which you should not miss.

Table of Content (toc)

Bekabu (Actress: Shilpa thakur)

My Stepmom (Actress: ROSHNI aka Ranjana arora, AASHI)

Passionate Love 2.0 (Actress: AASHI)

Desi Beauty (Actress: Ritu)

Bad Boys (Actress: ROSHNI aka Ranjana arora)

Milky Baby (Actress: AASHI)

Dance Bala (Actress: Rozi Raj)

Passionate Love (Actress: ROSHNI aka Ranjana arora, AASHI)

Pungi Baj Gayi (Actress: AASHI)

Lust Secrets 2.0 (Actress: Pari Raj)

Damad Ji 3.0 (Actress: RAJNI)

Damad Ji 2.0 (Actress: Rajni, Ritu)

Private Party (Actress: Sanjana Tusamband as Aarvi)

Love Destination (Actress: Riya Gupta)

Chatkara (Actress: Riya Gupta as Neelam)

Dangerous Love (Actress: Pari Raj)

Jassie Farar (Actress: Riya Gupta as Neelam)

Black Beauty (Actress: Pari Raj)

Rozi Bhabhi 3.0 (Actress: Rozi Raj)

Dil Mange More (Actress: RAJNI, Rozi Raj)

SAALI SAHIBA (Actress: Riya Gupta as Neelam)

RAJNI BHABHI 2.0 (Actress: Rajni)

Flash Point (Actress: Pari Raj)

Love Diaries (Actress: Alka Raj)

WAAH MAUSI (Actress: Kajal Chouhan)

RAS MALAI (Actress: Rozi raj)

Storyline : One day destiny brought Rozi to his doorstep—an diligent young woman, in search of employment as a housemaid. Captivated by her nature Anshul wasted no time in hiring her. As time went by Anshul and Rozi formed a connection. 

Kajal Bhabhi 2.0 (Actress: Kajal Chouhan)

Storyline : Kajal offered her wisdom and experience, helping Sharukh navigate through life's challenges, be it personal or professional. 

Wrong Dose (Actress: Riya Gupta as Neelam)

Storyline : Neelam, concerned for her husband's well-being, decided to prepare his medicine. She carefully measured out the correct dosage but unknowingly made a grave error.

Lust Secrets (Actress: Alka Raj)

Storyline : The relationship between a producer and an actress is a dynamic and crucial partnership within the world of entertainment. One such pairing that has captivated audiences and industry insiders alike is that of Gosai, a talented producer, and Alka, a versatile actress. Their collaboration has resulted in numerous successful projects, showcasing their ability to create compelling and engaging content.

Roza Teacher (Actress: Reshma)

Storyline :- Sharkh was fortunate to have a teacher named Roza, who was known for her dedication and enthusiasm towards education. Miss Roza recognized Sharkh’s genuine interest and encouraged him to explore his potential. She nurtured his love for learning by providing him with challenging assignments and engaging discussions.

Disco Bhabhi (Actress: Pari raj)

Storyline : Vikram had recently married a beautiful woman named Pari. As fate would have it, Himesh and Pari found themselves forging a special bond, a unique connection that went beyond the typical devar-bhabhi relationship. Pari admired Himesh's intelligence and ambition, while Himesh cherished Pari's compassion and grace.

Rasila Paan 2 (Actress: Pari raj)

Storyline : Once upon a time, in a small town, there lived a woman named Pari. She was kind-hearted, gentle, and full of love. Pari had recently married a widower named Ravi, who had a teenage son named Sharukh. When Pari became Sharukh's stepmother, she knew that building a relationship with him would require time and patience.

Love Toy (Actress: Gargi khakhalary)

Storyline : Gargi was a woman of grace and compassion, known for her warm heart and gentle nature. Sharukh and Gargi were not just husband and wife; they were each other's best friends, confidants, and pillars of support. 

Gangu Maid (Actress: Shilpa Thakur)

Storyline : Gangu was a simple and humble girl, always eager to fulfill her duties with utmost sincerity. Sapan, recognizing her dedication and loyalty, treated her with respect and kindness. As time went by, a deep affection grew within Gangu's heart for her beloved owner.

Rasila Paan (Actress: Pari raj, Alka Raj)

Storyline : This is the tale of a love that defied societal norms and embraced the boundless depths of the human heart. Himesh's journey began with Alka, a woman with a spirit as fiery as the sun. Her charisma and unwavering loyalty were magnetic, drawing Himesh towards her like a moth to a flame.

Honey Darling (Actress: Shilpa Thakur)

Storyline : Shilpa Thakur was a cheerful and diligent hotel waitress, known for her warm smile and exceptional service. Every day, she would grace the bustling hotel lobby with her graceful presence, attending to guests' needs with utmost care. Little did she know that one particular encounter would change her life forever.

Red Fantasy (Actress: Pari Raj)

Storyline : On a moonlit night, Pari and Sapan stood at the threshold of their new life. It was their first night together as husband and wife. Pari's eyes shimmered with excitement as she turned to Sapan, her heart pounding. They exchanged a nervous smile, both feeling the weight of their commitment.

DIRTY WORK (Actress: Alka Raj)

Storyline : ALKA had been working as a secretary for Mr. Anuj, the CEO of a renowned multinational corporation, for several years. Despite her exceptional skills and unwavering commitment, ALKA had been overlooked for a promotion time and again. One day, She discovered that her boss had been involved in unethical practices, manipulating stock prices for personal gain. Shocked by her findings, ALKA saw an opportunity to turn the tables in her favor.

KARZ (Actress: Neha Ahensai)

Storyline : Sita resided in a modest apartment in a peaceful neighborhood. Mohan was a hardworking man, but due to unforeseen circumstances, he found himself unable to pay the monthly rent to their landlord, Mr. Sharma. As the due date approached, Mohan became increasingly worried. Desperate to find a solution, Mohan confided in Sita, sharing his concerns and fears

Rose Room (Actress: Gargi khakhalary)

Storyline : Gargi, a young and vibrant woman, worked as a room service girl, diligently attending to the needs of the hotel's esteemed guests. 

After School (Actress: Neelam Aka Riya Gupta)

Storyline : Once upon a time in the bustling city of Lakeside, there was a small, close-knit community. In this community, a young schoolgirl named Neelam attended Lakeside Elementary School. She was known for her infectious laughter, sparkling eyes, and a heart full of dreams. One sunny afternoon, as Neelam wandered through the rows of books, she noticed a college boy named Sharukh studying at a nearby table.

Sanwich (Actress: Kamini Aka Moni Singh, Rekha aka Pooja)

Storyline :- Once upon a time, in a small town nestled amidst rolling hills, there lived a man named David. He was a kind-hearted and compassionate soul who had the rare ability to love deeply and unconditionally. Fate smiled upon him when he found himself entwined in a unique love story—one that involved two wives, Amelia and Sarah.

Dirty Doctor (Actress: Kamini Aka Moni Singh)

Storyline : Dr. Vijay and Kamini's love story became an inspiration to others, demonstrating that sometimes, love finds a way even in the most unexpected circumstances. 

Chachi 420 (Actress: RESHMA)

Storyline : The relationship between a chachi and bhatija is a special bond that holds a unique place in the Indian cultural fabric. It is a connection that goes beyond blood ties, filled with affection, guidance, and a sense of camaraderie.

Fragrance (Actress: Kamini Aka Moni Singh)

Storyline : In the intimate realm of marriage, the delicate fragrance between a husband and wife weaves a tapestry of love, connection, and understanding. Like a captivating perfume, this unique scent has the power to evoke cherished memories, spark desire, and foster a deep sense of intimacy.

Saali Ho To Aisi (Actress: RESHMA, Rozi raj)

Storyline : Saali was married into a loving household where her jija (brother-in-law), Rajesh, played a significant role in her life. From the moment Saali stepped foot into her new home, Rajesh went out of his way to make her feel comfortable and welcome.

SHATIR MAID (Actress: Simran aka Pooja)

Storyline : Radha was known for her quick thinking and intelligence, which made her a favorite among the families she worked for. Her intelligence and wit were evident in everything she did. Whether it was managing household chores or dealing with challenging family dynamics, Radha always found a way to make things work in her favor.

Naughty Student (Actress: Neha Ahensai)

Storyline : In the realm of education, the dynamic between students and teachers plays a crucial role in shaping the learning environment. In this video, we delve into the fascinating world of the naughty student and teacher chemistry, exploring its intricacies and potential benefits.

Rozi Bhabhi Part 2 (Actress: Rozi raj)

Storyline : The bond between a devar (brother-in-law) and bhabhi (brother's wife) is a unique and special relationship that holds a significant place in Indian culture. From the moment a bhabhi enters her new family, she is embraced with warmth and care by her devar. He becomes her confidant, protector, and partner-in-crime.

Call Me (Actress: Rozi raj, Reshma)

Storyline :- As you settle into your elegantly appointed room, you’ll find a comprehensive room service menu that caters to all tastes and preferences. Whether you crave a delectable gourmet meal, a refreshing cocktail, or a late-night snack, our talented culinary experts are at your service around the clock.

Promotion (Actress: Rozi raj)

Storyline : In the bustling office, where deadlines loomed and stress hung heavy in the air, an extraordinary bond unfolded between a dedicated personal assistant and her charismatic boss. She seamlessly managed his hectic schedule. Her commitment to her work was fueled by more than just professional dedication; it was fueled by an inexplicable connection to her boss.

Desi Tadka Uncut (Actress: RAJNI, RESHMA)

Storyline : Over time, Maya became a regular at Rahul's stall, and their conversations transcended from food to dreams, aspirations, and life itself. One evening, as the city adorned itself with shimmering lights, Rahul mustered the courage to confess his feelings to Maya.

Ek Chahat (Actress: Neha Ahensai, Sona)

Storyline : Once upon a time, in a small town called Mumbai, there lived a young boy named Meeth. Little did he know that his life was about to take an unexpected turn when he found himself caught between the affection of two extraordinary girls. The first girl was Sona, a vivacious and free-spirited artist. The second girl was Ahensai, a brilliant and compassionate medical student.

Rajni Bhabhi (Actress: Rajni)

Storyline : Devar, a hardworking and responsible man, always strived to provide for his family. He worked tirelessly in the fields, ensuring that his loved ones never went without. Bhabhi, on the other hand, was a kind-hearted and nurturing woman who managed the household with utmost care and affection. Together, they created a harmonious and loving environment for their family.


Storyline : Reshma had taken up the responsibility of caring for Anuj after the untimely passing of his parents. Every morning, Reshma would wake up early to prepare a delicious breakfast for Anuj before he headed off to school. Anuj felt loved and supported knowing that his aunt was always there for him.

Hotty Padosan (Actress: Neha Ahensai)

Storyline : Ahensai stood at the threshold of her new home, a mixture of excitement and nervousness bubbling within her. As she unpacked her belongings, Ahensai couldn't help but wonder what her new neighbors would be like.

Rozi Bhabhi (Actress: Rozi raj)

Storyline : To my utter surprise, my bhabhi was sucking my Di¢k to its fullest length like a pro. She was also pushing her tongue into my tiny Di¢k hole. I spat on my finger and started pushing it in her tight little a$$ hole. Bhabhi was slightly resisting me by moving her a$$. I spanked her a$$ and caught her thighs with my left hand. Then I pushed my finger into her a$$ hole and finger-fμ¢ked her hole. She was moaning and sucking my Di¢k like a lollipop.

Maali (Actress: RESHMA, Rozi raj)

Storyline : Malkin and Maali spent more and more time together in the garden. They talked about their hopes and dreams, and Malkin learned that Maali had always dreamed of having a garden of his own. Malkin knew she wanted to help Maali make his dream a reality.

The Maid 2 (Actress: Sona Singh)

Storyline : Once upon a time, there was a young maid named Sona who worked for a wealthy house owner, Mr. Akash. Sona was a hardworking and responsible young woman who took pride in her work.

Lilly and Silly (Actress: Aiza Fatima, Pari raj)

Storyline : I picked up lilly's sister silly and made her lie on the bed and took off her salwar. She was in panty in front of me. I inserted my finger in the pu$$y from the top of the panty. Silly said- jack, take off the panty. I took off her panty and threw it and started caressing her pu$$y from above.

Mallika Beauty Secret (Actress: Sona Singh)

Storyline : Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Mumbai, a love story unfolded between a stunning fashion model named Mallika and a talented photographer named Tony. 

Beautiful Wife (Actress: Shilpi)

Storyline : A beautiful wife is not just a physical attribute but a combination of inner beauty, grace, intelligence, and love that makes her stand out from the rest. A beautiful wife is a companion for life, a partner who is always there to support and uplift her spouse.

Fantasy Pool (Actress: Reshma)

Storyline : As soon as they arrived at the resort, the couple headed straight for the pool. The sun was beating down on them, and the water looked cool and inviting. They found a spot on the edge of the pool and settled down on the loungers, sipping on their fruity drinks.

Desi Sabjiwali (Actress: Reshma, Neha Ahensai)

Storyline : Once upon a time, in a bustling market in a small town, there was a sabjiwali named Ahensai & Reshma. With her radiant smile and fresh produce, she had won the hearts of many customers.

Best Friends Unuct (Actress: Gargi khakhalary, HEENA)

Storyline :- Friendship is a beautiful bond that can weather any storm, but what happens when two best friends find themselves falling in love with the same guy? Meet Tina & Rina, two inseparable friends who have been through thick and thin together since their childhood days.

Call girl Uncut (Actress: Shilpi)

Storyline : Once we were in the room, he took off his clothes and was wearing a bathrobe. I took off mine and wrapped myself in a towel. We sat in the bed and was talking for a long time. He lifted my leg and made it rest on his lap. He started to massage my legs.

Dirty Romance Uncut (Actress: Neha Ahensai)

Storyline : MEETH and AHENSAI met at a coffee shop one rainy afternoon. As they reached for the same umbrella, they locked eyes and a spark ignited. They spent hours chatting, discovering their shared love for music and art.

Khujli 4 (Actress: RESHMA)

Storyline : A girl was having itching problem, The problem Was Critical, She was Unable To Handle The Problem Of Her Itching. So she decided To Call Her Friend Rita And Rita Provided Her A Number Of Doctor Whose name Was Dr.Fatka.... But This Time Dr Fatka came with some solutions…

Rangeela Sasur (Actress: Kajal Chouhan)

Storyline : To meri saas kamry me heater jala kar let gayi aur me chat par aa gayi. Meri red bra neeche gir gayi. Mere sasur ke dil me pata nahi kiya aya unho ne wo bra utha ke mujhe kehte ye color mujhe bahut pasnd hai. Bahu sharma gayi aur pakar ke kapro me chupa di. Wo garam ho gaye the aur thori thori mai bhi.

Personal Secretary (Actress: Gargi khakhalary)

Storyline : Gargi had always been a hard-working and dedicated secretary. She was the model employee, always efficient and professional. Her boss, Mr. Anuj. He needed her help with a project that he was working on, and as they worked together, she couldn't help but notice how close they were standing. She could feel the heat of his body against hers, and she could feel her heart racing.

Desi Milk UNCUT (Actress: RESHMA)

Storyline : DESI MILK is a story of woman who sell milk door to door, Along with that she also works as Escort Wherever She Sell Milk, This Time She Came Across some Rich people She try To Seduce Them With her Hotness.

Nayee Padosan UNCUT (Actress: Kajal Chouhan)

Storyline : Padosan Bhabhi had always admired the charming man next door. His dazzling smile, gentle eyes and infectious laughter were enough to make her day.

Damad Ji UNCUT (Actress: Gargi khakhalary, RESHMA)

Storyline : DAMAD JI is Story of a young couple where a husband is unable to satisfy his wife, so wife called her mother to resolved this problem as mother was quite experience she know what to do, so she give some medicine to her son in law.

DHANNO JI UNCUT (Actress: Sanjana Tusamband aka Aarvi)

Storyline : Once upon a time, there was a beautiful bride named DHANNO, who had two suitors who loved her deeply. Both groom-to-be were equally charming and kind, making it difficult for her to choose just one.

Tenant UNCUT (Actress: RESHMA)

Storyline : The house owner, Reshama, had always been cautious about renting out her property, but something about the charming tenant, ANUJ & RAJU put her at ease.

PLAY BOY Uncut (Actress: Sanjana Tusamband aka Arvi, Riya aka Mansi More)

Storyline : PLAY BOY is A Story Of Two Ladies, Who love watching Adult Web Series, After Watching The Series Both were very Horny So they Hire A Play boy for their Physical Need Which Came Out After Wacthing Adult Web Series

DULHAN BRIDE Uncut (Actress: Sana aka Rekha Verma)

Storyline : The first night of a Dulhan (bride) is a very special moment in her life. It marks the beginning of a new journey and a new chapter in her life. It's a night full of love, excitement, and anticipation for the bride as well as the groom. 

Mardana Sasur Uncut (Actress: Sanjana Tusamband aka Arvi, Gargi khakhalary)

Storyline : MARDANA SASUR is a story of man Who Is 76 years But He Had Two sons who died in an accident but his both daughter in law stays with him, after the death of his sons her daughter in law never feel lonely because the Old Man Fulfill their Physical.

Hotty Naughty Uncut (Actress: Riya aka Mansi More)

Storyline : HOTTY NAUGHTY is story of husband & wife, where husband was in worry of his business, he was getting losses in his business, While wife was very Hot She Helped Her husband To Recover.

Erotic Spa Uncut (Actress: Sanjana Tusamband aka Arvi)

Storyline : EROTIC SPA is story of man who Visit A hotel, Where the Hotel Provides A spa Service To All The CLients On Their Demand, So The Man Called A spa massage Girl To His Room.

Ohhh Baby 2 (Actress: Aiza Fatima)

Storyline : OHHH BABY 2 Is story of Girls Who Love To watch Adult Web Series, While Watching She Becomes So Horny, That She Called her Boyfriend to have Intercourse....

Jeth Ji Uncut (Actress: Poonam aka Vaishnavi Kalaskar)

Storyline : Jeth Ji Is Story Of Guy Who Fullfill The Physical need of His brother Wife his brother Was A GAY, But He Looks Good Thats why His brother Told him get married So he can Enjoy

Dark Room Uncut (Actress: Kajal Chouhan)

Storyline : KAJAL Sitting on a Bed, she pulled her skirt up, moved her pink panties to one side and slid her teacher's pen into her pussy. The long metal missile-like shape slid easily between her lips and she sighed at the cool penetration into her warmth. She slid it back and forth, enjoying herself, then remembering where she was and what she was doing grabbed the camera and took a series of photos with the pen buried inside her to varying degrees.

Hot Wife 2 Uncut (Actress: Riya aka Mansi More)

Storyline : HOT WIFE 2 Hardcore Romance Between Husband & wife on their First Anniversary at the same hotel where they Spend their first night, Full Uncut, entertainment Adult Web Series from Hot Indian Bollywood Masala Web Series, Hot Model erotic & Bold scenes.

Browny Teacher Uncut (Actress: Kajal Chouhan)

Storyline :- Browny Teacher is Story Of Browny Miss Who goes to take tution of every child at their house and one of them was Chimpu, Chimpu Used To hate the teacher because Browny Miss uses Him For Her Physical needs.

Uncle No.1 UNCUT (Actress: Poonam aka Vaishnavi Kalaskar)

Storyline : UNCLE NO 1 Is Story Of Old Age man And Young Girl, The Girl Need The old çøçk Because She loves Very Soft çøçk That’s why She bondage The old Man To Fμck Him & Seduce Him

Blind Love 2 (Actress: ARVI aka Sanjana Tusamband)

Storyline : Blind Love 2 Is Story of Girl Who Loves her Boyfriend But Along with That She Also Have A feeling That her Boyfriend is Dating With her Best Friend

Chaska (Actress: ARVI aka Sanjana Tusamband, Riya aka Mansi More)

Storyline : "CHASKA" is a story of two boys, who went to spent their holidays in a 5star hotel but their girlfriend didnt come due to some issue, so they decided to hire a escort but they dont know from where they can hire so they called at reception of the hotel and hotel provided them with two escort

RAJJO 3 Uncut (Actress: Kajal Chouhan)

Storyline : RAJJO 3 is Story Of Same Rajjo Who Stay With his Husband in Mumbai, But After 2 years Her Husband Went Aboard For Work So She Told Her Husband To come On her Birthday But Due To Some Reason her Husband Dosent Come So All She planned On her birthday went on waste, but her Husband Brother made her birthday very Beautiful...

Silk Uncut (Actress: Kajal Chouhan)

Storyline : Silk Is Story Of Woman Who Loves To Fμck Every now And then, But her Husband Is Like A Kid Who Always plays Video Game On His Cell Phone One Day Silk Try To Seduce her husband With Some New Dressing Style

Hot Champa Uncut (Actress: ARVI aka Sanjana Tusamband)

Storyline : Hot Champa Is Story of Maid Who Works In A Five Star Hotel, Where A client Fall In Love With her but The Client Doesnt Know that Champa Is A Con Woman ....

Blind Love (Actress: Riya aka Mansi More)

Storyline :- Blind Love Is Story of Girl Who Loves her Boyfriend But Along with That She Also Have A feeling That her Boyfriend is Dating With her Best Friend …….

Poonam Bhabi (Actress: Poonam aka Vaishnavi Kalaskar)

Storyline : Poonam Bhabhi is Story Of Woman Whose husband has A problem Of Erection Dysfunctionality That’s Why She Always tell her To take Pills For, After Taking Pills See The Result In Video.

Sweety Bhabhi (Actress: RIYA aka Mansi More)

Storyline : SWEETY BHABHI Is A Story of Woman Who Had $ex With her Devar because her Devar has seen her while she was bathing….

Dusky Beauty (Actress: RIYA aka Mansi More)

Storyline : Dusky Beauty Is Story Of Village Who Marries A guy Who Lives In City, But She Dosent Know The Culture Of City but Her Husband Wanted Her Wife to know the culture of The City, How The First Night Happens In City….

Laila (Actress: Pari raj)

Storyline : Laila Is story Of Call Girl Who Does all this work for her living, she rovide a good service to her clients that why her demand is always on high.

Kajal Bhabhi Uncut (Actress: Kajal Chouhan)

Storyline : KAJAL BHABHI Is A Story of Woman Who Had $ex With her Devar because her Devar has seen her while she was bathing.... 

THE MAID (Actress: ARVI aka Sanjana Tusamband)

Storyline : The Maid is Storie Of Woman Who Use To work In House Where Her House Owner Use To fμck Her For The Cause She was Poor, And Actually She Was in need of money Thats Why She Used To Do All This For her Living.

Gulabo 2 (Actress: Pari Raj)

Storyline : This is Story of Newly married Couple. But After Their Marriage They Don’t Spend A beautiful Time Like A newly married Couple, Because of This There was some Arguments between husband and Wife. After that Husband Decide to give some time to her wife so they decided to have romance in their traditional language.

Lilly Bhabhi Uncut (Actress: Aiza Fatima)

Storyline : Lilly Bhabhi Is Story Of Escort Aunty Who With A reputed Escort Agency & Some Client Call Her To Fulfill Their Physical need.

Wild Side 2 Uncut (Actress: Aiza Fatima)

Storyline : The wife keeps trying different ways to get closer to her husband every time. This time the wife comes in her wild side avatar. The husband also gives equal support to his wife. Going forward, we both get to see our own wild side. How do they entertain each other.

Pyaasi Dulhan 2 Uncut (ActressPOONAM aka Vaishnavi Kalaskar)

Storyline : PYAASI DULHAN Is Story Of Married Woman Whose First Night was So Amazing As She Was Waiting For Her Husband but her husband Was Unable On First Night, As She Was Waiting For Husband To come But Her Husband Brother Come To Her With A milk.

Phulwa Uncut (Actress: Aiza Fatima)

Storyline : “PHULWA” Is story of maid who used to work for two guys in their house but they never increased her salary so she decided to left the job from there, But both the guys came to know about it so they both tried to seduce her and wanted her to work for them…

Pyaasi Dulhan Uncut (Actress: Poonam aka Vaishnavi Kalaskar)

Storyline : It Is Story Of Married Woman Whose First Night was So Amazing As She Was Waiting For Her Husband but her husband Was Unable On First Night, As She Was Waiting For Husband To come But Her Husband Brother Come To Her With A milk.

Pizza boy 2 Uncut (Actress: Hema aka Ganga verma)

Storyline :- Pizza Boy 2 Is the story of the same woman who wants to fulfill her physical needs but she is called a pizza boy who is different from the last one. This pizza boy also comes with some fruits to fulfill the demand of his mistress. 

Khujli 3 Uncut (Actress: ARVI aka Sanjana Tusamband)

Storyline : A girl was having itching problem, The problem Was Critical, She was Unable To Handle The Problem Of Her Itching. So she decided To Call Her Friend Rita And Rita Provided Her A Number Of Doctor Whose name Was Dr.Khujli…. But This Time Dr Khujli Denied To Come So Rita Call A plumber To fix Her itching problem.

Faith Love Uncut (Actress: Shilpa Thakur)

Storyline : Story Of Girlfriend & Boyfriend Where Both are busy in their own work they don’t provide time to each other properly. In that situation boyfriend decided to enjoy with some other girls. So he went to a resort in goa as he was enjoying his Girlfriend came know about all this stuff, She decided to catch her boyfriend red handed so she also came to go…

Julie Uncut (Actress: Aiza Fatima)

Storyline : Julie Is Story of Girl whose dream was to become a air hostess but due to financial problem she became a waiter in a restaurant, But her financial condition was not good so she try to seduce a wealthiest customer at the restaurant…..

MOHINI BHABHI Uncut (Actress: Hema aka Ganga verma)

Storyline : MOHINI BHABHI is Story of Women Whose Husband Never Loved her, Her Husband Always Spent Night with Some Other Women, Who Was A Mistress of The Husband, All This Thing Mohini Came to Know After Two Years Of wedding, She Was Quiet Upset, Suddenly Her Husband Brother Come to meet Her, Mohini Tell Everything To her Husband Brother, Her Husband brother thinks That this is Good Opportunity to Take Advantage of a Situations

GYM TRAINER Uncut (Actress: ARVI aka Sanjana Tusamband)

Storyline : Gym Trainer Is Story Of Woman Who Want To Became A Good Looking Model Like Bollywood Actress, She Does Exercise Every Day For That, But She Was Not A professional Gym Trainer So She need A Help Of Gym trainer Her Friend Had Given her The No Of Gym Trainer So She Called Him For The Training But Instead of training They Started To Do Romance With Each Other

Fantasy Teacher 2 Uncut (Actress: Kajal chouhan)

Story : I left Sandhya Mam’s house and reached my house. My mind could not stop thinking about the incident that took place between my hot teacher and me. I called her to check how she feels, she disconnected the call. I sent My Fantasy Teacher a message saying I miss her and love to fμck her again. What next?

Honeymoon 2 Uncut (Actress: Aiza Fatima)

Storyline :- As in Honeymoon You Have seen the wedding Night of the married Couple, Now in Honeymoon 2 It was 1st Anniversary Of The Same Couple, they Plan second honeymoon where they have never been, they spend a good time together at hill station….

Pizza Boy Uncut (Actress: Hema aka Ganga verma)

Storyline : A Woman Who Stays Alone, her Husband Lives Aboard For, She Is Hungry For Her Physical Needs, She Was Very Curious About Her Physical Needs. One Day She Order A Pizza, And When Pizza Boy Come To Deliver The Pizza She Think Its A good Opportunity To Fulfil Her Physical Needs

Naina Bhabhi Uncut (Actress: Pushpa aka Pooja)

Storyline : This Is Story Of Woman Who Married A guy Who Always Stay Aboard For Work, But this woman got stuck Into household Work She never had time to Herself, So that she could spend a good time with her husband but her husband is always aboard for work. Now She Decide to get physical with her husband Brother….

Aunty No. 1 Uncut (Actress: Kajal chouhan)

Storyline : This Is Story Of Widow woman Who Stay with her Daughter in Law, Her is Son Aboard For Work They Both Stay alone. Her Daughter In law Is Quite Modern She Love To Do All fashionable Things She Doesn’t do Any house hold Work. One Day She Called two Young College Students As paying Guest. Her Daughter in law make Some Plan And Ask the boys to fμck her mother in law.

Gulabo Uncut (Actress: Pari raj)

Storyline : This is Story of Newly married Couple. But After Their Marriage They Don’t Spend A beautiful Time Like A newly married Couple, Because of This There was some Arguments between husband and Wife. After that Husband Decide to give some time to her wife so they decided to have romance in their traditional language.

Rajjo Darling 2 Uncut (Actress: Kajal chouhan)

Storyline : Rajjo married To Guy Who Stay In Mumbai But She Was frustrated After Knowing that Her Husband Stay far Away from Mumbai But After Seeing His house She was happy. And then They Spent Thier First night. After All This 1 year pass away and Again On Anniversary they Spent The Night together...

Misti Bala Uncut (Actress: Ayushi bhowmik)

Storyline : MISTI BALA Is A girl Who Is Very Sweet Girl. But She Is Very Wild While She Is with her Husband During Night. Every night She Need Different Way To have $ex with her husband. She Is Very wild.

Meow Cat Uncut (Actress: Pari raj)

Story: Meow Cat Is A story based on a girl trying to seduce His Husband In Different Ways To Get Her Physical Needs So Wild…

Khujli 2 Uncut (Actress: Ayushi bhowmik)

Story: Khujli 2 is Same As Khujli But there Are some facts which will Blow your Mind.

HONEYMOON Uncut (Actress: AIZA Fatima)

Story : After marriage, a custom comes for the bride and groom on the first night, which we call the honeymoon. This first night is very confusing for every newlywed, while on the other hand both the boy and the girl are very curious the first night. 

Changu Mangu Uncut (Actress: AIZA Fatima, Pari Raj)

Story : Changu & Mangu Were Brothers, In Childhood Their Parents passed Away, so they Were raised by their Uncle Who Loved the A lot because of Them he never Try For his own Children.

Rajjo Darling Uncut (Actress: Kajal Chouhan)

Story : Rajjo Married To A guy who Stay In Mumbai but he Stay very Far From City, Rajjo Was Fed Up After She Came To Mumbai With her Husband, But After Seeing His husband house She Was Happy And Then They Spent Their First Night

Shaukeen Bhauji Uncut (Actress: Ayushi bhowmik)

Story : There is a man who comes to our road with a push cart selling vegetables and fruits. He has a habit of taking apples or oranges in his hand showing it to ladies while touching it in a certain manner and sometimes takes brinjals or cucumbers in a special way and show it to ladies.

SHANTA KAND Uncut (Actress: GAURI)

Story : Shanta was standing in front of me in a sari and it looked as if it was the first day after marriage. As soon as I entered the house. I locked the gate and closed all the windows. I did not leave any such place from where anyone could see us.

Khujli Uncut (Actress: Ayushi bhowmik)

Story : A girl was having itching problem, The problem Was Critical, She was Unable To Handle The Problem Of Her Itching. So she decided To Call Her Friend Rita And Rita Provided Her A Number Of Doctor Whose name Was Dr.Khujli.

Raseeli Malkin (Actress: Browny)

Story : Malkin jokingly hit Ramu on the chest with her hand and she sat on her knees. Ramu came close to him and Malkin opened his mouth. Ramu threw his cock into Malkin’s mouth.

Billo Bhabhi (Actress: Ayushi bhowmik)

Story : she came closer to me. She had reached very close so that nothing can come between us. Not even a thin air. Soon, she dropped her sari on the floor. I tried to cover it and wrap it. But again she removed the sari and threw it on the floor. Her hot and round navel looked very attractive. So, did her deep cleavage. Soon, he pushed me on the bed and came on top of me.

Rowdy Girls (Actress: Ayushi bhowmik, Kajal chouhan)

Story : My trainer was young and his name was Amit. He was muscular (hope he still is) and have good abs. He is a good instructor and trains everyone in a strict manner. He seems to know everything about exercise, food, yoga, martial arts and sports. So, you could imagine how fit his body could be. He was married and has two kids.

The bite Uncut (Actress: Browny)

Story :- It was A wife’s Birthday the hubby decides to plan an amazing birthday surprise. So like, usual he had a lot of time in advance and thought that he will turn the world from head to toe and make things happen just the way he wants and make his wife happy for sure. So, for the starters, he started with planning a birthday surprise. He planned everything in his head, everything right from the beginning to the end, all he wanted to do. But then there was still this doubt was he up to the mark? Amidst a lot of confusion and brainstorming, he still felt reluctant about his birthday plan and was not very keen about the execution part.

Hungry Girls Uncut (Actress: Preeti puneet Kaur, Jaslin Aka Subhasmita panigrahi)

Story : Preeti pulled away from the kiss. I could see the same hunger in her face. She grabbed my hips and tugged me. I gripped the towel in the hand, I’d fμcked Preeti. In a heartbeat Preeti had Jaslin thighs spread, Preeti gaze hot on Jaslin body, like a heavy caress. “Let’s see if you taste as good as you smell.” Preeti put a hand on my chest and pushed, gently knocking Jaslin back against the mattress. Preeti held Jaslin lips open. Preeti breath blew across Jaslin c|it, warm and sexy. Preeti tongue swiped at Jaslin c|it. Sharp pleasure shot to Jaslin core, and Jaslin inner muscles tightened. Preeti licked and sμcked, driving Jaslin insane with her clever mouth. Preeti tongue-fμcked Jaslin pussy with rapid flicks. The storm grew outside and inside Jaslin body.

Rangeeli Bahu Uncut (Actress: Arbi aka Sanjana Tusamband)

Story:- Meri bahu mere liye chai Aur nasta leke aayi. Ab meri bahu ne meri aankho Mein dekha. Aur meine smile kiya. Saree Mein bahu ke Kadak jism ne mera lμnd khada kar diya. Aur mein uske samne aapna lμnd sehlane laga. Bahu chai Nasta deke chali gayi. Maine chai, nasta karke, bartan lene ke liye Bahu Ko Awaz di. Ab meri bahu bilkul normal lag rahi thi. Jaise ab use koi farak hi nahi pad raha tha. Bahu bartan leke jane lagi. Tabhi meine peeche se use pakad liya. Meine bahu ki kamar ko pakad rakha tha. Bahu – Ye kya kar rahe hai babuji Me – Wahi kar raha hu bahu. Jo kal raat tum baigan ke sath kar rahi thi.

Fraud Salesman Uncut (Actress: ARBI aka Sanjana Tusamband)

Story :- The wife keeps trying different ways to get closer to her husband every time. This time the wife comes in her wild side avatar. The husband also gives equal support to his wife. Going forward, we both get to see our own wild side. How do they entertain each other and what happens, in the end.

Fraud Salesman Uncut (Actress: Preeti Puneet Kaur)

Story :- Savita Bhabhi turned back from the mirror and Salesman saw her pallu in her hand and both her b∆∆bs firmly in the bra. Her cleavage and the front of the bra were exposing almost half of her b∆∆bs. The salesman was struck with a lightning seeing her. She asked him, “Barabar fit hua Raja? succh batana.” Raja moved forward to perhaps adjust the portion below her bra. Maybe a part of her left b∆∆b was coming out of her bra, or maybe he wanted to squeeze Savita Bhabhi b∆∆bs, Raja said, “Madam, don’t worry. I am not going to touch your lovely b∆∆bs. I just wanted to adjust the bra.” I had a gush of blood rushing into my ¢o¢k.

Dulhan Farar Uncut (Actress: Gargi khakhalary)

Story :- Bride Runaway from his own wedding, because she doesn’t want get married with that guy, so she was on run. Suddenly she met a guy he was a Groom who was also on a run, He also don’t want to marry with that girl. Co-incidentally They both met each other and they started sharing what has happened with them and then they both become a good friend, the Groom asked the bride how long will be the friendship, On that the groom said for lifetime.

Tharki Bhabhi Uncut (Actress: JASSLIN Aka Subhasmita panigrahi)

Story :- Indian Bengali Bhabhi lives with her husband but he is very thin and $extually weak! Could not fμck her hardly! she realized her tailor followed her and she decided to give him scope to come close! She managed her smart, handsome tailor! She decide to fμcks while her husband outside!! She was wearing a saree, and looking very sexy!! A tailor comes to the house to take measurements of the blouse. Within a few minutes they get free and suddenly he touches her body!!What next? 

Intimate Combo (Actress: Eecha, Meccy)

Story : This is kind of erotic, with strong $exual references…but I just want to express the characters, so no judge, okay? Okay, so enjoy, and tell me what you think! Our breaths were ragged and heavy. A moan of ecstasy stumbled out of my pulsing lips — Rohit’s slow and sexy kissing had seen that I was overwhelmed with lust. I tingled all over as he sμcked and kissed on my neck, my hands gripping his long, raven hair as if it was the halt in death.

Ohhh Baby Uncut (Actress: Sapna Sharma)

Story : Sapna wore her Pink Skirt down with her Transparent panties and was trying to balance herself badly on the toilet bowl, which already bore the marks and scars of a full night of humanity’s passing by. I couldn’t see her face, covered by her long dark hair, but could see everything else that was to see. 

Santarewali Uncut (Actress: Soniya Maheshwari)

Story : Your Favorite Santarewali coming soon to your doorstep to deliver the santarewali web series for you This story is of a santarewali who sells santre door to door for her bread & butter but unfortunately she finds a guy whom she started liking and because of him she visited his house every day to sell santare The guy saw her every day but he used to ignore her, he doesn’t know what’s on her mind, Santarewali started to talk to that guy in a friendly manner, as the days pass by the santarewali started talking with him like she is seducing him than the guy realize that santrewali need something else ????

Fantacy Teacher Uncut (Actress: Sapna Sharma)

Story : I left Sandhya Mam’s house and reached my house. My mind could not stop thinking about the incident that took place between my hot teacher and me. I called her to check how she feels, she disconnected the call. I sent My Fantasy Teacher a message saying I miss her and love to fμck her again. What next? 

Wild Cat UNCUT (Actress: EECHA)

Story : This is the first time Vinod comes to Kolkata to his uncle’s house. His uncle is a landlord. A beautiful hot bhabhi lives beside his house and my uncle is the owner of that house. I went there for introducing to her but I never think even imagine what will happen to me!! 

Maya UNCUT (Actress: BROWNY)

Story : Sexy bar girl fall in love with young boy and they have decided for their first room date!! Wow i can’t wait to watch their hot real $ex… Indian handsome boy hardly manage his girlfriend for room dating. She had never full night but this is the first time he is going to fμck girlfriend!! Enjoy Indian erotic $ex with clear hindi audio. Watch this exclusive uncut on Neonx.vip

Treatment (Actress: EECHA, MECCY)

Story : Watch a nail-biting, edge of seat uncut and bold Web series inspired by a 50y/o man, who’s suffering from Erectile dysfunction. He finally managed to find a two girls who have successfully treated countless patients including celebrities, lolly and poly gave him cure i.e. $ex therapy. Lolly and poly started giving him unique $ex therapy every night. Soon, patients ED has been successfully treated. 

Candy Shot 2 (Actress: Meccy)

Desi Bhabhi (Actress: Meccy)

Story : Amazing hot $ex with Brothers wife! constantly saying : Bhabhi please.. Only one time fμck!! Indian Bengali Bhabhi lives with her husband but he is very thin and $extually weak! Could not fμck my bhabhi hardly! She manages her smart, handsome devor! They fμcks while her husband outside!! Hindi hot $ex with clear audio. Keep watching Desi Bhabhi and brother-in-law having fun.

Hot Wife (Actress: Preeti Punit kaur)

Story : The husband takes his new Behai wife on a honeymoon to surprise her. The Husband gets shocked seeing his wife’s new avatar. Seeing the appearance of his wife, the husband gets mad and starts kissing her by pulling her towards him. The wife also starts kissing like him. It was so instant and so intense, and they got into a tight lip-lock like a Made for each other.

Candy Shot (Actress: Eecha)

Story : The tasty milky Indian bath by a couple. Watch this exclusive Candy Episodes that will truly relax your eyes.

Naqaab 2 (Actress: Eecha)

Story : In the first episode of Naqaab, we saw that the husband likes to have $ex as another character, wearing a police mask on his honeymoon spends the night with his wife, when his wife comes to know about this, then she also wears the mask of the worker and woos the husband. husband hands were on her waist and lips were on her earlobes. It was so instant and so intense. husband simply twisted wife around so she was now facing husband, and they got into a tight lip-lock like a Bollywood scene.

Naqaab (Actress: EECHA)

Story : This is an interesting uncut story. Her husband on honeymoon night came to her in police dress and said all jewel which you are wearing actually that are stolen jewel. What happened next… 

Hidden Romance (Actress: Preeti puneet kaur, Gargi khakhalary)

Story : Here is a Bollywood story between a pilot and air hostess working at the same place who have been stalking each other for a long time but couldnot open up to each other even when they were adults. Every day she was at work doing her best to keep the passengers happy. One day, she found out that the pilot was the person she would  been waiting for. After her shift was over, she went to the airport and patiently waited for him to return from his flight. When he landed, she waited at the gate to greet him. Finally the handsome guy summoned up his courage to ask her out on the internet though the lady had been expecting his move. The two havenot seen each other for some couple of weeks now after their last flight and now a new one has come up. The guy has already made his move and the air hostess responded & I will give my reply when we meet. One day they were in the same flight, but the pilot forgot to create a rapport with the airhostess. The plane landed and they both went to a resort. They stare at each other for 20 seconds. He kissed her, romance happened and he finally gave her a ring. Next morning They hugged each other and took their flight off.

Falaq Bhabhi (Actress: Preeti puneet kaur)

Story : Devar offered a pair of jeans as a gift to bhabhi. Bhabhi raised objections, saying she is overweight. Devar responded that she is not, and the conversation then turned to bhabhi’s waist size for jeans, devar made her stand while pretending to measure her waist by putting hands around her partially exposed waist. Devar lost control and grabbed the bhabhi more forcefully from behind, but she was doing nothing to free herself at the same time. Devar hands were on her waist and lips were on her earlobes. It was so instant and so intense. Devar simply twisted bhabhi around so she was now facing devar, and they got into a tight lip-lock like a Bollywood scene. What came next were a few more of these misadventures throughout the ensuing years, up until devar moved far away from her.

Pussy Cat (Actress: Eecha, Meccy)

Story : Pussy cat is an Indian Web series. The story is in between two girls who are desperate to romance them, what happens next watch it on NeonX VIP

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