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MangoTV app complete webseries list with actress name

MangoTV app is providing erotic content for the youth audience of India. It has among hottest uncut webs shows in genre of Romance, Fantasy, Crime, Drama, comedy and parody of best show and movies originals download list .
Here we are mentioning all the Top MangoTV movies app premium download uncut version free Hot Web Series list which you should not miss.

Table of Content (toc)

Hotel Girl (Actress: Various Artist)

Bijili (Actress: Rajsi Verma)

Bepanah (Actress: Ayushi bhowmik, Gehana vashisht)

Bewafa (Actress: Alendra bill)

Naughty Sister (Actress: Pihu Singh, Manisha Kumari)

Storyline :- In order not to get married, she crossed all the limits, cheated her own mother, made an awesome plan with her sister, to maintain a physical relationship with a boy, and happily satisfied herself so well.

Sexiest Mommy (Actress: Aayushi Jaiswal)

Plan (Actress: Gehna vashisht, Ruks khandagle)

Teacher (Actress: Lovepreet Kaur Rahlan)

Storyline : Under the pretext of studies, the student and his partner made a game with the teacher and fulfilled their dream and the teacher was not aware of this.

Madhosh Master (Actress: Various artist)

StorylineA boy crossed all the limits to test his own fiance. watch this interesting story

Galat Fehmi (Actress: Leena Singh)

Storyline: Elder brother had an eye on his younger brother’s beautiful girlfriend, he wanted to have a physical relations with her, some misunderstandings created and leads to end the relation of his brother.

Cricket Affairs (Actress: Shivanya Sharma, Ayesha Pathan)

Storyline : In case of losing the bet, a friend put his own wife at stake to repay his debt. After some time, the wife took revenge along with her husband.Watch an interesting story.

Shak (Actress: Pooja Poddar, Gurpreet Kaur)

Storyline: A girl crossed all the lines of doubt on her lover, and that same doubt ended her love story.

Pyaasi (Actress: Pooja Sinha aka Pihu Jaiswal)

Storyline: A girl is bought by fraud, she separates the two brothers to fulfill her revenge.

Firangi Bahu (Actress: Olga Sharova)

Storyline : A boy was in love with a girl and he married her. Intentionally, his brother complicates him in some work just to have relations with her. Wife needed money to get rid of her husband in which his brother had implicated.

Farebi Ishq (Actress: Pooja Poddar, Manisha Yadav Kashyap, Ashivani maaru)

Storyline : Innocent girl got cheated and fall with wrong person in true love The story of a girl who gets hurt in the pursuit of loveMust see the story of the deception given in the love.

Dream (Actress: Leena Singh)

Storyline : A girl was involved in her studies, she was taken to Mumbai by showing her the dream of heroine, but she did not get anything except deception.

Bhabhi P0rn Star (Actress: Muskan Agarwal)

Storyline : A married couple living happily together, but the girl had a past, and her that past turned out to be his family member, now she had to be involved with her past so that her happy house would not be destroyed.

Aurat (Actress: Deepika Srivastava)

Storyline : An impotent guy got marry a girl by fraud, later, for having his own child unhappily he has sent her to his brother.Why always women have to sacrifice in any unwanted situation?

Virasat (Actress: Nisha Ghosh, Nikita)

Storyline : A girl and her lover together made the girl’s husband destroyed and made their love story successful. Story of betrayal in love.

Struggle (Actress: Lovepreet Kaur rahlan)

Storyline : A girl cheats her friend to become a actress and ends up with the wrong person, and her life becomes worthless.

Nikah (Actress: Angel Bhandari)

Storyline : Nikah is story of two brothers together betrayed a beautiful girl. After that, love was trapped in the affair of marriage and later betrayed.

Mami Bhanja (Actress: Mahi Kaur)

Storyline : Mami played the role of Guru in the life of nephew and taught something new. Watch this touching story.

Dirty Anjali (Actress: Shilpa Thakur)

Storyline : A girl crossed all limits in friendship. Even after getting married, she could not stay away from her friend and cheated on her husband.

Dhoka (Actress: Ruks Khandagale)

Storyline : A young and beautiful girl Ruks (a fashion designer) came from Jaipur with a big dream. Ruks has faced struggle in her career, she meets Praj and Ricky which leads to love, s€x and dhoka.

Aatma (Actress: Sharnaya Jit Kaur)

Storyline : A beautiful girl who was a beautiful soul too lived alone, used to give boys a place to live in her house and fulfill her physical needs from them.

Chameli Bhabhi (Actress: Saheli Mitra, Priti Sinha)

Darjiwala (Actress: Sriparna, Rahi sahoo)

Casting Couch (Actress: Aritra, Tina Nandi, Sneha Roy Chowdhury, Soniya, Riya, Mou)

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