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Aayushi Jaiswal complete bold webseries list

Aayushi Jaiswal is an Indian adult webseries actress. She appears mainly in hot hindi Web series. Ayushi continues to be the subject of discussion due to her bold avatar in her all short video scenes. She is also known for her naughty and Beautiful cute looks, her pictures and videos continue to be viral on social media.

Here we are mentioning all the 18+ full webseries originals name list Aayushi Jaiswal from various live video app platforms with every parts episode version list for watching it online for free without premium subscription account.

Table of Content (toc)

Pinky Darling (Hunt Cinema App)

Story:- This Story is about four friends who want to have a relationship with a prostitute, among them a friend starts seeing that prostitute through the eyes of his sister.and then the boy tries to get that girl out of there.

Double Kaand (Cineprime App)

Lady Finger (Ullu App)

Story : The marriage between Sarla and Dev is going through a rough patch, where Sarla is uncertain about Dev’s loyalty towards her. She plans a rouge mission with her friend, Jhanvi to test Dev’s real intentions. But little did she know that the Sarla herself will be caught in her own web of plans that was intended to decieve Dev.

Walkman (Ullu App)

Story : A newlywed Roshini is disheartened when her dreams and aspirations are left short lived, both on and off bed. In a twist of fate, Roshini gets hold of a few tapes containing venereal tales. This becomes an avenue of color in her monochromatic life, and takes Roshini on a roller coaster of fun and exciting adventures of sensuality!

Chaar Saheliyan (Voovi App)

Story: The story is based on four girls. Their names are Champa, Buchi, Bachani, Chanda. They are close friends. Champa just got married and after her marriage she went back to her hometown. All of her close friends want to listen about her first night story... But what she told her friend ?

Samne Wali Khidki (Ullu App)

Story : Ashish never thought that he will ever fall in love again, after the love of his life cheated on him and left him heartbroken. But destiny had something else in store, when Ashish saw a new tenant Anita across his window, and instantly fell in love. Will this chance encounter mend what was broken, or will it leave a scar even deeper than before.

Palang Tod Damaad Ji Season 2 (Ullu app)

Story : Ranjana has secured her stay with Mohan for a longer time. Rakesh finds out about their secret affair and blackmails Mohan into having sex with Ranjana. What seemed a gesture of empathy, turns out to be a cunning ploy of events that neither Mohan nor Rakesh could’ve seen coming.

Palang Tod Damaad Ji (Ullu app)

Story: Mohan had to sit at home for a few days due to an injury caused by a minor accident. Since his wife Kumud also works, she invites her mother Ranjana to take care of Mohan, but while doing so, Ranjana gets close to Mohan, and her craving for him leads them to the path of distracting the meaning of relationships.

Hotspot Fantasy Call (Ullu App)

Story: A young man enthralled by a sensual telephonic call finds himself trapped by a beautiful woman and her partner. Their proposal for two plus one lovemaking eventually lands him up in a cloud of doubt and deceit.

    Charmsukh Kamar Ki Naap (Ullu App)

    Story: After multiple failed attempts of a newlywed bride to learn tailoring, her husband seeks help from a seasoned tailor Chinki. Chinki’s fascination for female touch, thrills the bride and she gets carried away by this new sensation. How will the husband react on discovering the relationship of her wife with another woman?

    Hotspot Charr Charr (Ullu App)

    Story: Mudit’s newlywed wife Chanda is increasingly vexed by the creaking sound of their ancestral bed. Hence, after much thought and on a friend’s advice, Mudit decides to sell the bed online on ULX App where he gets a handsome deal of Rs.17000 for his bed. But is the app secure and the buyer trustworthy?

    Sunny Winter (Ullu App)

    Story: His only big dream is to be a successful pornstar internationally and he plans to explore the local porn industry first.Sunny’s father, who is a cop wants him to pursue his studies first. When police decides to uproot the on-going salacious racket, sunny’s father also pledges to unite.Will this lead sunny to prison? Will sunny fulfill his dreams?

    Khat Kabbadi: Barkha (Rabbitmovies App)

    Story : This is a story of Shemale and no one knows about her/his. Her friend name Barkha who’s husband leave in town city due to which she doesn’t get proper love. After a long time her husband come from town and take her with him. After some time her shemale friend visit in town and get intimate with her friend in hangover and now we have to see whether her friend get exposed or not.

    Chhinar (Rabbitmovies App)

    Story :- A story of a sex worker girl her name is chameli, a village Pradhan did a fake marriage of this girl and his son for his personal use, but they fall in love in real life and can’t be separated. 

    Paramsukh (Cinemadosti / Boommovies App)

    Namard (Boommovies App)

    61-62 Pyasi Pushpa (DigimoviePlex App)

    Story : A widow woman Pushpa got second marriage for survival, but her husband Pritam is not good performer in bed. One day Pushpa noticed her teenager step son keeps watching in her bed room. Pushpa tried to get satisfaction from her husband Pritam, but it does not work out, finally Pushpa shifts her focus on her stepson Titu, After some struggle she grabs Titu to fulfil her sexual needs. But one day when Pushpa was having sex in the absence of Pritam, Pritam came back home suddenly.

    Bhoot bangla (DreamsFilms App)

    Charamyog (Primeplay App)

    Story : This Is A Story Of A Ritual In A Village Where Every Woman Finds her Life Partner By Spending A Night With A Man. Vimla, Paro, Suman Three Sisters Are Ready To Get Married And Their Mother is Looking For their Life Partners. This Story Turns When Paro Get Handsome Men And Vimla Starts Getting Jealous Of Paro Will, She Manages To Get Married With Handsome Men By Sleeping With Multiple Mans In The Village .

    Chupi Rustam (Primeshots App)

    Maya (Hothit App)

    Prank video (YouTube App)

    Hai Taubba (ALTBalaji App)

    Season 2 - Episode 1

    Marital Abuse (WinterSun Studios YouTube App)

    Laalsa (Kooku App)

    Story: A newly wedded couple get interrupted on their wedding night by the village panchayat and police. But why?

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